Review of “Invaluable: Trident Code #2”, by Alana Albertson

Kyle, a Navy SEAL and an ex-pro football player. Sara, a cheerleader for a professional football team. These two meet in a bar and don’t tell each other who they really are, but they spend one great night together. They run into each other again several months later in Afghanistan and find out the truth about what each other really does for a living. Is destiny real? Can Kyle really have a life with Sara even though he’s on the Teams? These are questions that Kyle asks himself. He wants to have a life with Sara, but there are so many marriages that haven’t made it with Team members.

Kyle realizes his feelings for Sara when she’s kidnapped by terrorists in Afghanistan and his team is called up for the rescue mission. He finds himself in a situation where he wants to go rogue to find her and he also wants to follow his commanders orders to wait for word on where they might be. His loyalty to his commander wins out and it also pays off because they are given the location of where the hostages were last seen. Kyle and his Team land close to the location and end up finding Sara after they find Maya, her best-friend who has escaped the captors with Sara’s help. If you enjoy a love story with suspense  and great alpha hero’s, then you will enjoy reading Alana’s Trident Code Series.

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