Review of “Hung: (Mister Hotshot Book 1)”, by Anne Marsh

A story of a girl on the run from an ex, who accused her of arson and theft and a Hotshot who wants her and protects her. I enjoyed this book and the characters in it were strong and well developed. I liked Pick and Sarah Jo’s chemistry and their strength as individuals made the book interesting. It’s always hard for a strong woman to give in to a strong man, for fear of losing herself along the way. The fact that Sarah Jo had to finally realize that Pick was not trying to take away her independence, but that he was trying to add to her life showed a different strength for her. She found that giving into Pick and deciding to stay with him was not giving up her independence, but adding to her strength as a woman.

If you like a story with a strong heroine and hero who find each other and make a great couple, then this is the book to read. Pick is an Alph male who can downplay it when it comes to the woman he finds that he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

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