Reading a book series

I recently read a book series that I really enjoyed. The first book was great, the writing was awesome, and I really enjoyed the storyline. I decided to read the next books in the series, so I promptly purchased them and began reading. I enjoyed the series as far as the story went, but I found the writing to be somewhat lacking. There were quite a few mistakes in the continuing books. They were small, but still when you read one book and the writing is right on, and then go to the next book in the same series by the same writer and find writing errors, it’s kind of a let down. I’ve read book series where the name of the main hero or heroine change in the middle of the book, and where the use of the incorrect character is put in. It’s kind of a let down. I love to read and I know that mistakes can happen, I have to write things in my job on occasion and can make mistakes as well, but I re-read what I’ve written before I am done and sometimes I have another set of eyes read it as well. Doesn’t the author have a proof reader or editor who can catch this? This bothers me with other books aside from books in a series too, but when you read a book in a series and find these kinds of errors, I think it’s more irritating.

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