Review of The Land Where Sinners Love by V. F. Mason

The Land Where Sinners LoveThe Land Where Sinners Love by V.F. Mason
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Whew! Talk about dark stories. V. F. Mason is a master at them.

When Phoenix is called in to help on a case with the FBI, her past haunts her. The convicted woman asks for Phoenix explicitly, but she doesn’t know this going. Once Zach hears that she was specifically requested, his guard is immediately up and his protective reflexes are front and center. Phoenix and Zach have had their tragedy and now their life is headed in the right direction, but this case could destroy Phoenix unless she can figure out the clues and help find the victims in time.

I love dark and depraved stories, and V. F. Mason always delivers them. I love her characters and her stories, and The Land Where Sinners Love was no exception. It was a great addition to her books and I loved every page I read. I look forward to more twisted stories to come from her.

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