Review of The Craving in Slumber: A Sleeping Beauty Mafia Romance (Fractured Ever Afters Book 2)

The Craving in Slumber (Fractured Ever Afters  #2)The Craving in Slumber by M.L. Philpitt
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Aurora is finally home, but will she find peace and happiness amongst her family? Can she forget how lonely she’s been for years?

Rosen is the top soldier in the Corsetti family and is asked to guard and protect Aurora when she comes home. The only problem is that she’s no longer a little girl, but a beautiful, grown woman with an attitude.

I loved this story and the characters. Aurora hasn’t been raised by the family, but she knows who and what they are. Her childhood was ruined by one tragedy and now she’s expected to return home and pretend she’s someone she isn’t. Can she put her pain and loneliness aside and be the woman her family is expecting? I look forward to more in this series to come.

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