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In the aftermath of the attack, Lillian will need to rely more on Zack than she had wanted to, but she understands now that her apartment is not safe. In the back of her mind, she knows more than she’s saying, but due to the concussion, she’s having trouble remembering it herself.

Now that she is living with Zack until she can get back on her feet, Zack is starting to see two sides of her. Unfortunately, he’s not sure which side he wants to be with. When he pushes her away to protect her from his feelings, she decides it’s time to stand on her own two feet alone—except a four-legged hero appears and is welcomed quickly into her life.

Now Lillian needs to move into her new safe apartment, get back to work, find a way to figure things out with Zack and pray that no one claims her new four-legged friend as theirs before she gets burned.

In Part 1, Zack wanted Lillian to burn for him. When the tables are suddenly turned, will they be able to burn together?

Whiskey & Smoke Duet

1 Burn for Me: AVAILABLE NOW

2 Burn with Me


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