Review of All or Nothing: Safe in Love, Book 2 by Tilya Eloff @AuthorTilya

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 4 out of 4

Harley and Jack have a history as children, but now that their lives are intertwined due to family and friends, they have to find a way to overcome their past history as well as their childhood pain.

Jack needs help when he receives an unexpected visitor and turning to his only family, Xander and Maddie, he gets more than he bargained for. The best part is that his life will only get better with the help of his family by choice. Jack had a rough childhood, but his life got so much better when he finally found a family by choice in Xander and his family. He and Xander faced some tragedy together and are stronger for their friendship.

Harley had a rough childhood, but she hasn’t found much good in her life, with the exception of her best friend Maddie and her children. Now that Maddie and Xander have moved on and are making a life together, Harley is feeling a bit dejected and alone. How can she make it on her own when she’s struggling so much to make ends meet? Maddie may have the answers she needs, but is she willing to put everything on the line for it?

I liked the story, and the characters are great. I do wish that Pops had more of a part in the story especially on Jack’s side since he had such a shock to his life. It would have been good to see that relationship as well. I loved Jack’s humor and his vulnerabilities. He is a great character, and his path and HEA were great to read. His childhood did a number on him and his vulnerability of being left behind and not being good enough, broke my heart. He’s a good man with a huge heart that he keeps hidden to protect it, but the right girl/girls can open it up and make him a better man than the believes he is. I enjoyed the story and look forward to more in the Safe in Love Series. I give this book a 4-star review.

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