Review of Voodoo’s Sorceress (Dublin Falls’ Archangel’s Warriors MC, Book 17) by Ciara St. James

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 out of 5

Voodoo is still unsettled. After his club brothers felt betrayed by his omission about his brother, he is still struggling to feel as though he fits in with the Dublin Falls’ Archangel’s Warriors. The brothers have tried to make up for their show of distrust and prove to Voodoo that he is a part of the club and family, but the tension is still there.

Voodoo is ready to make his final decision about moving on or staying when one of the prospects receives a call from his aunt about his cousin being in trouble and in the hospital. Voodoo rides out with the prospect and a few other brothers to go see what’s going on and help to protect the prospects cousin. That one trip throws all of Voodoo’s problems out the window because when he lays eyes on the beauty laying in the hospital bed, his only thoughts are with her.

Nevaeh has had a lot of men problems and now she’s in a hospital bed because someone attacked her outside of her apartment. She has no idea what happened or who her attacker was, but everyone else around her believes it is the man that caused her so much trouble before that she had to go to his father to help her. She doesn’t look her best to receive visitors or meet her cousin’s MC club brothers, but she has no choice when they arrive at the hospital.

I loved this story. It was raw, gritty, haunting, tragic, and so well written. Voodoo had a rough childhood, and he is carrying so much pain that it affects his relationship with the club and Nevaeh as they begin to get to know each other. Just like his club brother’s Voodoo knows as soon as he meets Nevaeh that she will be his, but now he has to convince her of that. Nevaeh and Voodoo have a lot to overcome and heal from but by each other’s sides they can heal and move on with their lives. I loved the book, characters and as always, the series! The men and women of the DFAW and the HCAW as well as their club friends are always a great story to read. I still wonder how Ciara St. James can make each book so much better than the previous one when they are all so great! I give this book a 5-star review and wait not so patiently for the next book by Ciara to hit my Kindle, it doesn’t matter which series it’s from.

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