Review of Cassio: Belles & Mobsters, Book 3 by Eva Winners @EvaWinners @HiddenGemsBooks

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 out of 5

His family is hated by many, but he and his younger brother are not part of his father’s life. In fact, they are working against them, but just their last name King, causes many to avoid them. Cassio and Luca are determined to shut down their father’s business and rid the world of him and their half-brother that stands by his side. When Cassio and Luca are called in by the head of the Irish Mafia to help rescue a young British girl that was taken by the King’s, Cassio feels a strong connection to the young teen, but he believes it to be just that he is disgusted with how she has been treated and that his father kidnapped her to begin with.

Cassio and Luca are making a name for themselves in their business and in going against their father’s business, them along with their closest friends are battling against the human trafficking ring. They don’t claim to be good guys, but they have more morals than their families that they came from. Cassio and Áine meet again fourteen years later and Cassio can’t seem to get the girl off his mind, and she feels a connection, but has no idea why. Áine finds that everything she thought about her life has been manipulated, but Cassio will stand by her side through anything.

Their story is beautiful, painful, and rough, but so worth the read. I love the characters in this series and the stories always leave me wanting so much more of the characters. Cassio is a brutal man, but he has such a sweet side. I give this book at 5-star review and can’t wait to read more of the Belles & Mobsters Series.

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