Review of Decker’s Dilemma: Knights & Dragons MC, Book 1 by Chantal Fernando @ChantalFernando

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 out of 5

Just because everyone around you tells you that you are meant to be with someone, it does not necessarily mean it’s true. People change and circumstances change. Make sure you’re happy first, otherwise it is hard to keep those you love happy. Love comes in different ways and friends can be loved but they don’t have to be your destiny.

Cara is an MC princess that is living the life she believes she’s supposed to. Everyone around her has always told her that Rhett was the person that she was supposed to be with, so she’s with him, but things have changed and she’s questioning her life and her happiness. When she finally decides to make some changes in her life and move to start fresh, she finds herself in the clutches of an MC enemy that is out to destroy Rhett and the enemy is unaware that Cara is no longer with Rhett, but they really don’t care either.

Decker has questioned his job as being a cop and how things are done. He has decided to become a PI and have the freedom to do the job without all of the bureaucracy and red tape. When he is hired to find a woman that is believed to be a half-sister, he finds a woman that he could finally commit to. However, he has to be professional and then he has a lot of obstacles to overcome to make her his. When this woman finds herself in danger because of who she is and her ex, Decker will do anything to keep her safe and protect her, even if it means sacrificing her ex to do it.

I loved this story and these characters. This was my read of a book by Chantal Fernando, but it will not be my last. I can’t wait for the next book in this series to come out, but I will also be going to purchase the other books in the Wind Dragons MC and the Knights of Fury MC because now I want to know more about those characters. I loved that Decker had to go through an initiation of sorts with the Wind Dragons, but that he was not uncomfortable at all with them. I look forward to more books in Chantal Fernando’s writings and I give this book at 5-star review. I really want a Decker of my own, thanks. He’s sexy, kind, considerate, loyal, and protective.

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