Review of Capone’s Wild Thing (Dublin Falls’ Archangel’s Warriors MC, Book #14) by Ciara St. James

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5 out of 5

Capone is surprised by the woman that he meets at the new gym, a new venture that the MC has gone into. Mackenzie Matthews “Mac” is a woman that is doing her best to keep her brother on the right path and a roof over both of their heads. When the MC takes over the local gym, her lively hood is in jeopardy, all because Capone doesn’t like the way that she is treated at the gym by a few customers, but one in particular.

Capone is just like his brothers in the MC, when that one woman comes into his life even by accident, and knocks him on his keester, he is lost and will do anything to make her his and keep her safe and sound. The only problem is that these men keep falling for independent, strong women that will fight them tooth and nail to keep that independence. Mac is no different. She’s been on her own too long to let any man take over and dictate to her what she can do and where she can go.

This story was just as great as the other books in this series. I love the characters! The men are sexy, possessive, and loyal and the women are strong, independent, sexy and fighters. Once these couples figure out the path to lead them to their HEA, nothing can stop them. Capone and Mac are no different. Once Mac realizes that Capone is truly invested, she gives in, but not after several fights and blow ups. I love this series, the characters are great, and the stories are always full of action, suspense, and great plots. I look forward to more of the Archangel’s Warriors MC and their allies’ stories. I give this story a 5-star review. I am always up for a book written by Ciara St. James. Her characters stay with me for a long time after reading her books.

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