Review of New Dublin Falls Archangel’s Warriors Book: Razor’s Wildcat: Book 13 by Ciara St. James

*****5 out of 5

Razor isn’t sure how to act around Talia, but when he decides to keep his mouth shut about his feelings and intentions for her, everything goes wrong. Especially when Talia sees him with another woman hanging off him and kissing him. He never had any intentions of settling down with one woman, but Talia isn’t just any woman, she’s special and she’s his. Now he just has to show her and prove to her that it’s only her that he wants.

When danger finds Talia, Razor is beside himself and going crazy trying to find her. The only trouble is when she’s found, will she want anything to do with him?

I love the Archangel’s Warriors. The characters in these books are great! Not only the AWMC characters, but the other clubs and special ops groups as well. Ciara St. James stays true to her characters in all of her books. She writes Alpha, sexy, dangerous men and strong, sexy, independent women. The women can take care of themselves, but they also know when to let their men take care of them. I love the stories surrounding the characters as well. Razors Wildcat is a great story with a lot of angst, danger, steamy scenes, and the crazy that goes along with the Archangel’s Warriors characters HEA. I loved it and give it a 5-star review. If you are looking for MC romance with strong, independent characters that suck you in from the first page, you should pick up any of Ciara St. James’ books to read.

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