Review of Heartless Lover: Dark Syndicate Book 5, by Faith Summers @khardinegray1 @jennw23

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 out of 5

He’s now the Obshchak in the Voirik Brotherhood, but his path was not an easy one. His father and grandfather did not want him in the mafia world, but circumstances changed as did his life. Now he’s a powerful man in the bratva, and the CEO of his family’s company. None of it came easy to him. Now Eric Markov is works closely with his Pakhan, Aiden Romanov, who is also soon to be his brother in-law. Eric has vengeance on his mind and the Dark Syndicate is helping him to get it. With the information they now have regarding a woman that may be able to help them locate the one man that Eric wants to destroy, he has a captive in him penthouse.

She’s had her fair share of tragedy in her life, and when she finds herself walking into a situation that puts her life in danger, again, she has no choice but to hide. When tragedy strikes again, she’s even more determined to hide herself away and make sure that she stays alive. However, Summer finds that there are more people that want to take her, hopefully they don’t all want her dead. Summer’s family has dwindled and she’s all alone, so she has to find a way to trust Eric and the syndicate to keep her alive and protect her. Trust does not come easy to Summer, so the battle will be interesting.

Both Eric and Summer have a hard time trusting and lowering their walls. After Eric gets to know Summer, he finds that his brain is starting to work against the thoughts of using her as bait to capture Robert. These two will fight a battle that they’ll both lose, there is no fight against your own heart. I love the Dark Syndicate series and Eric’s story was one I had been waiting for. He’s a broken man and Summer is a broken woman, but their pieces fit perfectly together. I loved the book and I love the characters in the series. The stories are action packed, tragic, steamy, and so good that I hate to have them end. I am looking forward to more in the Dark Syndicate series and I give this book a 5-star review.

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