Review of Atonement: A Partner’s Syndicate Novel, Book 1 by Tori Fox @ToriFoxBooks @greyspromo #MustRead

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 4 out of 5

His family business is failing, and he needs someone that can bring the Hotel business back from the brink after his brother’s alleged indiscretions and his arrest. Bastian Montford isn’t the kind of man that waits around for things to happen. He wants results and he expects them to begin showing immediately. With hiring Cameron Wilder, he is expecting his company’s image to be redeemed, but he is not expecting the Cameron Wilder that shows up. He has a past that is still haunting him and he knows that it’s come back to bite him with everything that is happening to his family and their business.

Her family has never given her the credit she is due. They expected her to be a trophy wife, but she is out to prove her worth and that she has a brain and knows how to use it. The only trouble is that Cameron Wilder also has a mouth and knows how to use it, which gets her into more trouble than it should. She’s tough, independent, smart, and very talented at her job. The company she works for is looking to get rid of her, but they know her worth and don’t’ want to just fire her, so they come up with an alternative. The only trouble is that she is going in blind.

I really enjoyed this story of Bastian and Cameron. The chemistry between these two is off the pages hot and I loved their banter and their connection. The story was great with the way that these two always butt heads and their banter is comical at times. I love that Parker, Bastian’s PA is amused by her and while he is more subdued when dealing with Bastian, he does enjoy watching these two banter and get each other riled up. I loved the characters and I loved Kilian. This was my first time reading a Tori Fox story, but if this is indicative of her writing, I will be reading more. The book was well written, and the characters are terrific and so well developed. I ended the book looking for more of this series. I would love to read more. The Partner’s Syndicate looks to be a very dangerous group of people that like to play God with people’s lives, and I am anxious to find out more. I give this story a 4-star review.

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