STORM by Serena Akeroyd NOW LIVE

NOW LIVE! Storm by Serena Akeroyd is available now + FREE in Kindle Unlimited!

“Written with so much raw emotion, Storm will leave you gutted in the best redemption story I’ve read this year.” – K.L. Savage, Bestselling Author

“I’m speechless right now. Ruined. Wrecked. Completely overwhelmed with feels. This book. THIS. BOOK. I don’t even have the words for all that I feel right now.” – DG Romance

“Serena Akeroyd has written an absolute masterpiece.” – Goodreads reviewer


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You hate me.
I deserve it.
The day I betrayed the love of my life was the day I lived up to every messed-up thing my haters said about me.
But I’m tired of feeling like a POS.
I’m tired of being broken.
I’m tired of life not being worth living.
It’s time now to make amends, and to earn my woman’s love back.
To be the father my kid deserves,
the Old Man I should always have been.

Join me for the ride as I become worthy of my family.
Maybe, just maybe, I’ll surprise you!


Book 1 is only 99c + the series is FREE in Kindle Unlimited!

#1 Nyx
#2 Link
#3 Sin
#4 Steel
#5 Cruz
#6 Maverick
#7 Hawk

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