KL Ramsey’s New Release – Ratchet’s Revenge (Royal Bastards MC) – Review Included @KLRamsey5 #RoyalBastardsMC Huntsville AL


இ☠️ Ratchet’s Revenge ☠️இ

Series: Royal Bastards MC

🔥 Huntsville, Alabama Chapter 🔥

Author: KL Ramsey

Cover Designer: Lucan Bane Graphics

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Having your old Army buddy call you and open with, “Hey—remember that favor you own me for saving your ass? Well, I need to collect,” wasn’t a promising start to a conversation. When Ratchet’s friend, Mason, called to say he needed his help, he was all in. Mason was right, Ratchet owed him his life a few hundred times over and he’d do whatever he needed to pay his buddy back—including risking his life. Hearing that his MC’s rival had Mason’s little sister was only a bonus because that would mean that he’d be able to kick some Dragon ass to help get her back. Now, all he had to do was convince his club’s Prez, Savage, that going into enemy territory was a good idea, even if they all knew better. Living the motto, “No guts, no glory,” was sure taking on a new meaning, but not helping his friend wasn’t an option.

Laney Zane felt like a first-class fool for trusting the hot biker to show her a good time. She should have listened to her older brother, Mason, and steered clear of the Dragon’s clubhouse, but she wanted to have a good time. She got a whole lot more than she bargained for when she woke up in a cage with about five other women. Yeah, her big brother was right—again, and this time, she might not ever be able to hear him tell her those four little words that she always hated hearing from him, “I told you so.” God, what she’d give to hear Mason say those words to her just one more time.

Ratchet’s Revenge is K.L. Ramsey’s fourth book in the Royal Bastards MC series.

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My Review:

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 out of 5

Ratchet’s Army buddy needs to collect on the favor owed to him. His buddy, Mason, may have special clearance for military ops, but this op requires someone that has other connections. Mason and Ratchet are good friends and Mason has called Ratchet asking for his help, his sister has gone missing, and he thinks he knows right where she is, but he’s been given orders to stand down.

Laney just wanted to have a night where she could go out and let loose a little, but what she found instead was not fun. Her life is in danger, and she hopes that her brother will find her before the danger turns into pain and irreparable damage.

I love the RBMC books, and the Savage Hells MC, a chapter of the RBMC, has it a rival that they can’t seem to break down and rid themselves of. Now they need to go in again to rescue someone from the Dragons. This is never an easy task. Laney and Ratchet have known each other since Ratchet and Mason were in the Army together. Ratchet used to go home with Mason on leaves and met Laney during one of those leaves. Laney has never looked at Ratchet as a brother, she’s always had a crush on him, but Ratchet has only ever seen his friend’s little sister. Now she’s grown up and they are stashed away by themselves while he protects her. What could happen? I loved Ratchet’s story and these books always have a lot of action, Alpha men, and strong women that keep the men on their toes. Ratchet’s Revenge is no different. Laney is a woman that knows what she wants and who she is. I give this story a 5-star review and look forward to more of the RBMC 3rd Run.

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