Review of Marrying The Devil (Reluctant Bride – An Evernight Publishing Anthology) by Jade Marshall

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 4 out of 5

His first wife was a disappointment and now he has a son to raise on his own, but when he sees the MC princess, he decides that he will make her his. He will have to wait for her to turn eighteen, but he may be able to speed things up to get her into his life. He is patient for something’s, but he will push the situation.

She’s an MC princess and she has to marry a man she doesn’t even know to keep her life and for protection. Her father made a deal with the devil to protect her and she’s not happy about it. She will maintain her composure and she won’t give in to the overbearing, older man that wants her.

This was a short story of an age gap marriage, with a man that manipulates things to go his way and makes sure that he will get what he wants. She may not want to marry him and has set up her own rules to the marriage, but her heart will betray her. She can’t help but lose her heart to the little boy that has become her stepson and the man that she’s now married to, he has to work his magic to get her to lose her heart to him. When danger finds its way into their home, Thalia will prove her love and protect her family. Nero’s past has come back, and danger is lurking in the shadows, he’s in danger of losing everything and it will destroy him if that happens. I enjoyed the quick read, its action packed and has a sassy, strong willed woman that finds her path in life with her sexy, older husband. I give this story a 4-star review.

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