Out now! My Review of Freak: Royal Devils MC, Chicago, Book 3 by Erin Trejo @trejo_erin

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Freak (Book 3 Royal Devils MC – Chicago)

by Erin Trejo

Universal Amazon Link: mybook.to/FreakRDMC

Release: 6th May 2021

It all started with a girl and a bomb. She was trouble and I knew it. She was dating a rival MC member. That wasn’t reason enough to stop me from going after her. Now, I’m hooked and she’s in trouble. I’ll be her savior, but I’ll also be her downfall. Can she handle me being both or is he better for her?

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★Grave Book 1 Universal Amazon: mybook.to/GraveRDMC

★Psycho Book 2 Universal Amazon: mybook.to/PsychoRDMC

★Freak Book 3 Universal Amazon: mybook.to/FreakRDMC

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★Preacher Book 4 Universal Pre order Link: books2read.com/PreacherRD

★Preacher Book 4 Universal Amazon: mybook.to/PreacherRDMC

Review of Freak: Royal Devils MC, Chicago, IL, Book 3 by Erin Trejo

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 out of 5

Katrina is finally living the life she wants. She’s running the bakery her mom left her and she lives with her best friend. Too bad she’s in a relationship with a man that can only make her happy in one way. Her life takes another turn and she’s in danger of her life ending tragically.

Freak is a man that is happy with his brothers and his MC. He and the other Royal Devils live life on their terms. None of them had a great childhood. When Freak’s older sister contacts him looking for refuge, he’s leery but lets her come and stay at the compound. They are not close, and she hasn’t been around the club in years.

Once again Erin Trejo has written a book that blew me away. I am loving this series and the Royal Devils. They are all men that’ve survived a rough childhood and have a close friendship since they grew up together. This story is action packed, a tearjerker, steamy, and a page turner. I love the characters and I think that Freak has now become my top Royal Devil. He is not a man that shows his vulnerable side, but it comes out when he is around Katrina and Psycho. He can talk Psycho through some episodes that could lead him down a path of despair. All of these men have a dark side, but the light they find when they find the woman that makes them whole brings out a whole new side. I loved the book, and I cannot wait to read more in the series. I’m looking forward to Preacher’s book. I give this book a 5-star review. If you love MC, damaged characters that find a way to heal and sassy, strong women you’ll love the Royal Devils MC.

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