Review of Shadowland: A Horror Anthology by Dan Alatorre

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 4 out of 5

While I read a lot of dark, twisted romance, and thriller stories, I am not really a huge fan of horror stories, however, I did read a few of the stories in Shadowlands: A Horror Anthology. I enjoyed the Shadowlands story as well as the Passages: Shadowland part 2, by Dan Alatorre. I found these stories to be more along the lines of a haunted thriller, I also read The Prodigy by Colton Berman and while I liked the story, it was not something I would normally pick up to read. I enjoyed the thrill and suspense of the stories. I will read a few more of the stories in the anthology off and on, but it’s not a book I would jump to reading all of the stories in at once. I am giving the book a 4-star review because I loved the intrigue and thrill of the Shadowland and Shadowland 2 stories, they were interesting, intriguing and thrilling to read with the ending being a huge surprise.

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