Review of Monk: Royal Bastards MC, Sacramento, CA Chapter, Book 3 by Winter Travers #TuesdayBookBlog #RoyalBastardsMC @WinterTravers

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 out of 5

Someone’s out to kill Mitzy, the manager of Skinz, the strip joint owned by the Royal Bastards MC of Sacramento. Since Monk is the acting President currently, he’s determined to find out who wants her gone and since he already has feelings for her, she won’t step aside until he finds the person or people responsible for the threat on her life and eliminate them. She has a few close calls, and each time Monk is there to make sure she’s alright.

Mitzy’s a tough cookie to crack but Monk is not the type of guy to walk away and give up when he knows what he wants. He just wishes he could get through to Mitzy and break that wall down around her heart. When these two let their guard down around each other and plot to work together to get back at Memphis and Raelyn for trying to scare Monk, the heat begins to steam up the pages. I loved this story as much as I have others that I’ve read by Winter Traverse, her characters are strong, loyal, funny and entertaining in so many ways. The Royal Bastards are a powerful force and anyone going against them or one of their own will bring out the demon in them. This situation could also bring someone back that they’ve been missing. I loved it and give it a 5-star review. I look forward to more of Ms. Traverse’s books as well as more of the Royal Bastards MC books. They all make great reading.

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