Review of Loving The Girl In The Tutu: Uncontrolled Series by K. L. Donn

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 4 out of 5

This story wrecked me. It was emotional, beautiful and heartbreaking but I loved it.

Beckett Larrabee is the younger brother of Cade, he along with Cade, and Jace run a business named Controlled Bikes, he’s the detailer of the business and that has led him to do specialty paint jobs outside of bikes because his detailing and painting are so good. At twenty-nine years old, he’s ready to find his better half and start a life the same as his brother their friend Jace has. He’s ready for more in his life than the business and his painting.

Royal Sullivan has had a life of medical procedures. Born into a family that is well off, she’s rarely felt any love or caring from her parents. She was born for one reason and when she reaches the age of twenty, she’s ready to be done with it. She hasn’t lived her life, but she’s more than ready to grab onto what she can now and live it. This is a beautiful story of love and sacrifice. Royal wants to be loved and treated as though she means something to someone, and Beckett wants to love and be loved. He wants to share his life with someone that he can be happy with. When these two meet after watching each other from a distance for a while, they have no idea that they are about to change each other’s worlds and taking a chance on each could be dangerous, but in the long run it could be the best thing ever to happen. I cried and smiled while reading this story, but mostly, my heart was aching for Royal and her sister. These two never go to have the bond that they should have had because their parents were too blind to see what could have been for them. I give this story a 4-star review and warn you that if you read this story, have tissues handy, but it is so worth the heartache you will endure. The characters are wonderful, caring, loving, and supportive each other and they bring so much to each other’s lives.

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