Review of Sins or Secrets by Khardine Gray @jennw23

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 out of 5

A second chance at love has never been so hard.

Quinn is a ballerina that has her sights set on The Julliard School for dance and she is headed there. The only problem is that her other plans have been shot down and her life is not what she was hoping for. Her life is being ruled by men that have no thought as to what she wants or her happiness. She will also learn so much more when she finally finds her freedom.

Logan is a Marine and when he opens his door while on leave one night all of his plans for the future are shot down. His life is not what he was planning for when he gets out of the Marines, but it’s not bad.

I loved this story. It’s dark, painful and hopeful. When Quinn’s aunt dies, she is given the chance to change her life and her future, but her past has such a hold on her that she’s afraid to take the leap that her Aunt Lilly is putting in front her. She’ll have a lot of choices to make now and will have to keep herself safe and out of the reach of her ex if she wants to move on and have the life she always wanted. Logan has opportunities that can make his life so much more and he has to make the right choice, but his past is back in front of him, and he isn’t sure if he’s making the right choice or not. I love the characters and the story. This is a great story with corrupt politicians, heavy handed fathers and two people that found their soul mates only to be pulled apart. I give it 5-stars and I am hoping for more with these characters. Bree and Ethan need a book. These two are too interesting not to have their story told.

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