Review of K.L. Savage’s New Release – Thrasher (Royal Bastards MC) @klsavage_author #RoyalBastardsMC #mcromance #romanticsuspense

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 out of 5

Thrasher and Delilah’s story is a forbidden union, but Thrasher doesn’t care. He knows that Delilah is for him and he will go to any length to make her his. He doesn’t care if she is the sister of the President of the Ruthless Kings MC and a friend, Reaper. He may have gone to Las Vegas to ask Reaper for the repayment of the favor from years ago.

Delilah is Reaper’s younger sister and a woman that has been through her own tragic days. Now she’s quiet and reserved. However, her strength and sassiness come out when she’s around Thrasher because he makes her blood boil when he’s nearby. In more ways than one.

I loved this story of an ex-soldier and a quiet, scared girl that both find their strength and the one that can repair their hearts and help them to heal. The Royal Bastards of Portland, Oregon have a beautiful compound and they support their community. Portland could be a new start for Delilah, but it could put her in more danger than they are aware of. She’s going nuts being kept under Reaper’s care and not having a life of her own. The Royal Bastard’s will protect Delilah without a doubt and with their lives. Reaper has to learn to back off and give Delilah her freedom and let her live her life. It’s hard for Reaper to let go though, he has only just met her and has so much to make up for. I loved this story, and I cannot wait for more stories of the Royal Bastards of Portland, Oregon. They sound like a great group of brothers. I give this story a 5-star review.

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