Review of Vicious Oath (Ivanov Crime Family, Book 2) by Zoe Blake @zoeblakebooks @GiveMeBooksPR

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 out of 5

One thing is for sure, Yelena Nikitina is a fighter and a survivor. She hides her fear behind bravado and sass. She’s smart, beautiful, sassy, strong and too young for Damien Ivanov. However, that doesn’t stop Damien for searching for her after she and one her best friends goes on the run. Yelena is in danger and Damien wants to protect her, but she thinks he is one of the men after her and she has eluded him and his brother for 3 years. Now that they’ve caught up to the two women, they are determined to take them back home Washington, DC, and protect them the only way they know how.

Yelena is one of Damien’s younger sister, Nadia’s, best friends. She has found a way to make a lot of money so she can get away from her stepfather, the only trouble is that she’s too young to realize that she’s has put herself in danger in doing so. Now Damien is bound and determined to save her and protect her. He feels that he failed her eight years ago, now he needs to make it right.

I love the characters and I definitely loved this book. Zoe Blake knows how to write a steamy, sexy story and her characters are always so likable. I love the strength, sass, and determination of Yelena, she may be young, but she’s smart and ready to take on any foe. Damien is determined, sexy and gentle to a point when it comes to Yelena. He wants to make sure she’s safe and protected, so he will fight anyone that puts her in danger or is after her. I give this book a 5-star review and can’t wait for the next book in the series. These girls, Nadia Ivanov, Yelena Nikitina and Samara Federova are like sisters and have known each other since they were little girls.

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