NEW RELEASE AND REVIEW: CLUB PRINCESS (RBMC, Durango, CO Chapter, Book 1) BY Nicole James @Nicole_James1 @royalbastardsmc #TuesdayBookBlog #RoyalBastardsMC #RBMC

๑۩♦️۩๑ NEW RELEASE ๑۩♦️۩๑

Author: Nicole James
Series: Royal Bastards MC
🔥Durango, CO Chapter, Book 1🔥
Cover Design Jay Aheer Simply Defined Art

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I hate keeping secrets from my father, but I know he’ll be furious if he finds out where I’m going. That’s a risk I’m willing to take because I know what I’m doing is right. 

I expected my father to send someone to find me. He always does.

But this guy?

I’ve never lain eyes on him before; trust me, I’d remember this man.

He’s damn fine; unfortunately he won’t let me seduce him into keeping my secret. 


Trouble in a tank top, that’s what this beauty is. 

She thinks she can sweet-talk me into getting involved in her deception. 

I may want to get wrapped up in her arms, but getting wrapped up in her scheme is a whole other ball game.

Guess again, sweet cheeks. 

I don’t care how fine your strut is; it won’t work on me.

I’m immune where the hot-as-hell Club Princess is involved.

My loyalty belongs to my club first, but I’m a nomad for a reason, and letting Lola get her hooks in me is not in my plan.

CLUB PRINCESS is a part of The Royal Bastards MC Author Collaboration and is book one in the Durango, CO Series.

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MY REVIEW: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 out of 5

Lola is the daughter of the RBMC – Durango, CO chapter and is trouble with a capital T. She’s angry, lost and looking for attention in all the wrong ways. She doesn’t care if she gets a prospect in trouble, they should be strong enough to tell her no, they should know not to touch the Club Princess.

Memphis is a Nomad in the RBMC. He grew up in the foster system and after he and his twin sister were separated and put in different homes, he searched for her when he got out of the system and they have a relationship again. His sister has a husband and a baby and is happy. Memphis is happy in his freedom and ability to move around at will. One favor for a president changes his life.

Lola and Memphis are brought together when Lola ends up in New Orleans and Memphis is tasked with finding her and taking her home. She’s an adult, but her father is very protective and worries about her. Lola causes more trouble than not when they first meet, but once she realizes that Memphis will protect her reason for leaving, she settles into being his task to take home and things get pretty heated between the two. I loved this story and had a hard time putting the book down, I needed to know what was going to happen next. The danger, suspense and action of the story kept the pages turning quickly. I hated putting it down to go to bed, at 2:00 am. I have not been disappointed by of the RBMC books, they are all page turners and have sexy, protective bikers and strong, sexy women that make these bikers heal very quickly. I give this story a 5-star review and look forward to more of the RBMC books and particularly Ms. James’ Climbing the Ranks: RBMC, Durango, CO Book 2. This was my first book by Nicole James, but I will be reading more of her stories.

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