Book Tour: Subterfuge: A Tom Stone Detective Story by Don Simkovich and Lon Casler Bixby @lonbixby @donsimko @books_n_all


A wounded man, fiberglass wreckage, and mysterious blue barrels wash up on a secluded Malibu beach.
Detective Tom Stone jumps into action in this gripping thriller novel and uncovers human trafficking as drug smugglers try a new trick.
The Ojos Negros cartel is back and bolder than ever, forming an uneasy alliance with LA mob boss Frank DeVito. Using hidden sea caves as drop-off points, the new syndicate maneuvers to expand their brutal drug empire, and guns down anyone who stands in their way.
Stone and his team trail the lone survivor, Luis Delgado, who longs to return home to Mexico but is trapped in a deadly game of subterfuge. He vows revenge on the evil men who have destroyed his life and countless others with their greed.
The Detectives race to find Delgado and bring down the cartel, before another innocent victim is killed.
Uncover narco-subs plying the seas with page-turning action—and hold on for an explosive ending.

Author bio’s
Don Simkovitch
Don returned to his love for writing fiction after years of writing and narrating a radio spot series, marketing copy, and handling the pressures of a wild and crazy family life.

Frequent calls to the local Sheriff’s office, plus the intensity of handling teen alcoholism and teen pregnancy pressed stories from his mind like Earth’s weighty layers turn shale into harvestable fuel.

Well, you get the picture.

Don has fine-tuned his craft writing romance to crime fiction and the recent Tom Stone detective stories.

He lives at the base of the San Gabriel Mountains with his family, two dogs, and anyone else who happens to drop by and live for a spell.
Scope out Don and his work:
Twitter: @donsimko
Facebook: Don Simkovich

Lon Casler Bixby
Lon Casler Bixby – Lon is a published author in various genres: Fiction, Poetry, Humor, Photography, and Comic Books. He is also a professional award-winning photographer whose work has been featured in a wide variety of magazines, art & coffee table books, and has also been displayed in Art Galleries throughout the world.

Lon lives out of his photography studio in Burbank, California where he shares his living space with his wonderful, albeit spoiled, Silver Lab named Silver.
Facebook: Lon Casler Bixby
Twitter: @lonbixby

MY REVIEW: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 out of 5

Subterfuge – deceit used in order to achieve one’s goal.

A mob boss and a cartel are in battle to be the top group in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. They are against each other until the leader of the cartel decides that they could work together with his contacts and the mob bosses’ ideas and contacts, they could rule the Los Angeles area, and both get richer than they already are.

Detective Tom Stone and his team are in a battle to bring the cartel and the mob boss down and put them behind bars before more bodies show up or more drugs make it to their town. He’s a determined detective that won’t rest until he can bring them all down and help the lone survivor of the submarine wreckage that was found. Detective Stone is determined to help Mr. Delgado, a man that was taken along with his son at gun point to work for the mob boss.

I really enjoyed this story. It is action packed and engaging from the first page until the end. The characters are entertaining, determined and focused while working to get the needed information to bring down the drug dealers. I give this story a 5-star review and look forward to more Tom Stone Detective novels to come. If you enjoy a fast paced, action packed, police detective stories, you should pick up Subterfuge.

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