Release and Review of Cutter’s Claim

Cutter’s Claim by Monique Moreau is live.


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Who needs more than bikes and willing women? Not Cutter. Until he meets Greta, a former biker princess who turned her back on club life. She challenges him every step of the way, and Cutter doesn’t tolerate disobedience.
Greta lives by one rule: No Bikers. She didn’t escape her father’s MC and build a new life for herself just to be brought down by a dirty biker. Not even hot, domineering Cutter could change her mind.
Cutter is ready to play dirty. In their battle of wills, he begins to master her deepest desires. Can she find the inner strength to submit to him? Meanwhile, a danger from the past lurks in the shadows—ready to pounce.
Cutter’s Claim is a steamy, standalone bad boy biker romance with plenty of heat.
Looking to ride in the fast lane? Rev it up with one click.

About Monique
Growing up in New York City, I used to walk the hot pavements in the melting heat of the long summers, and dream. Uptown to downtown, Eastside to the Westside, and underground to catch a subway racing out into the boroughs.
During my wanderings, my magic pencil spun out fantasies full of romance, with first meetings, heartbreaks, and reunions. Sometimes my boy crush (unrequited, of course) starred as the hero.
I grew up, and after a stint in art school, became a lawyer ‘cuz a woman’s got to live. I came from parents who fled to France as refugees, and as an attorney, I dedicated my work to helping survivors of trauma and persecution.
I believe in them. In their grit, in their determination to hold on, to pull through and, somehow, someway, to keep themselves, body and soul, intact.
Perhaps that is why I am drawn to writing stories of men and women who live through heart-rending pain, desperate yearnings and, ultimately, a place of redemption.
I, myself, fought the urge to get off the expected, safe path for a long time. Until one day I couldn’t go on unless I took a chance and made a change. I began to write, stopped, and began again … and again until
I gave in to it and here I am.
Come join me on my journey as a debut author.

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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 out of 5

He’s a bad boy biker that sleeps with a lot of women and gives them what they crave. He doesn’t want any responsibility in the club, but he is proud to be part of the Squad. Cutter finds that he needs to step up and be a responsible adult and member of the Squad if they are going to keep the Squad together and functioning. When he finds out that the Prez is sick again and needs to step down, he puts in an all-out campaign for Kingdom to take over as Prez and he needs to get everyone on board with him if they want to save the Squad.

She’s a feminist, and not a fan of MC’s. She works with Sage, an old lady to an MC member of the Squad. Greta works with Sage to help domestic violence victims gain a voice and be safe. She knows first-hand what it’s like to be in a violent relationship after watching her parents. She’s an independent woman with a strong will, but she’s also a woman that needs to submit to a Dom. That’s not something she likes to spread around, and it also makes her angry that she’s like that. She feels ashamed that she enjoys being spanked and dominated.

When Cutter see’s Greta for the first time he is intrigued by the beautiful woman with green eyes, dressed in a bustier and looking right into his eyes. When he sees that she is with Sage, he walks into the café and begins talking to Sage. When he finds out that Greta is the one that hid Sage away from Kingdom, Cutter is more intrigued. I enjoyed reading this book and the back and forth between Cutter and Gretta. Cutter doesn’t want a docile submissive, he wants a woman that will challenge him and Greta challenges him every day. It was fun to see Greta realize that Cutter was the man for her, but I was angry with him when he screwed up and let her walk away. I give this story a 5-star review and look forward to more in The Demon Squad MC Series.

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