Release and Review: Unholy Intent (Unholy Union Book #2) by Natasha Knight @NatashaKnight13 @GiveMeBooksPR.

Title: Unholy Intent
Series: Unholy Union Duet #2
Author: Natasha Knight
Genre: Dark Romance
Release Date: September 15, 2020


Monsters don’t often look like monsters on the outside.

Forced to marry a man I should hate, I’m now bound to Damian.

I sometimes wonder what he sees when he looks at me. Deer in headlights, I guess.

What I see is clear.

Carnal want.

A man with too much experience.

The night he took me he told me I belong to him. He proved it on our wedding night. And I believe him when he says he’ll keep me safe. He won’t let anyone touch what’s his.

But I can’t forget what he is. Can’t forget the things he’s done.

And no matter what, I can’t let myself fall in love with him.

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“Welcome home, Brother.”
I look up at Damian. Beautiful Damian.
He shifts his gaze to mine. 
“Didn’t I tell you to leave the locked doors alone?” he asks me, but his voice is strange. Echoing in this dusty, forgotten place.
The music starts again. That eerie sound of piano keys played slowly, so fitting to this place, this room, this house. 
My head is spinning. 
The other man, Damian’s brother, says something. His voice is similar to Damian’s but off. Like his face. Wrong.
Damian tucks hair behind my ear. 
I push his hand away, push his arms away. I turn slowly. They’re both watching me now, waiting to see what I’ll do. 
And the tune keeps playing, the chords slow. Sad.
I need to look at him. 
Can they hear my heartbeat? Blood beats like a drum against my ears. 
But I can’t run. I meet a monster at every turn. One standing behind me. The other holding me. 
He warned me about the monsters. How many more hide in this house?
“Cristina,” Damian says. 
I keep turning, my body still pressed to Damian’s.
I’ve taken shelter in my enemy’s arms. 
He’s in my periphery now. The monster. The brother. Tall, like Damian. I see the coat. It’s wet. He was the man walking back toward the house. It wasn’t Damian at all. What is out there that they go to see in the dead of night?

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Author Bio

USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romance, Natasha Knight specializes in dark, tortured heroes. Happily-Ever-Afters are almost always guaranteed, but she likes to put her characters through hell to get them there. She’s evil like that.

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My Review:

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 out of 5

Cristina isn’t sure who she can trust or who will harm her. She wants to take solace in Damian, but she’s not sure if she can trust him or believe he is trying to protect her. There are so many things happening and she is afraid to believe Damian, but when she finds herself in danger more than once, Damian is always there to protect her and save her.

Damian has to convince Cristina that he is the better of two evils in the house. He may seem cruel, but he is only trying to protect her and keep her from harm. He’s fighting the draw he has to her and trying to keep the fact that she is his weakness from getting out. His most ruthless enemy knows though and is already planning to use her.

I enjoyed this conclusion to Cristina and Damian’s story. It is dark, twisted, and full of suspense and danger. Cristina has been a pawn since she was eleven years old. The heir to The Valentina Foundation, but she has no idea the trouble the Foundation is in due to her father’s dirty dealings and now Damian wants to take control of it for her. She will be the name on the contracts, but Damian will run the company to protect Cristina so that the wolves that are part of the Foundation won’t try to hurt her. The DiSanto family is divided and they are fighting amongst themselves. The suspense, action, betrayal and darkness of this story kept the pages turning and I loved every bit of it. I give this story a 5-star review and look forward to more books by Natasha Knight. I love her dark stories and loved to devour them.

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