Release and Review of Cruel Seduction (Underground Kings, Book II) by Kelli Callahan @kellicallahan92 @GiveMeBooksPR

Title: Cruel Seduction
Series: Underground Kings #2
Author: Kelli Callahan
Genre: Dark Romantic Suspense
Release Date: August 21, 2020


Some people say blood is thicker than water.
Those people must not have ever been stabbed in the back by family.
My brother.
His blood is nothing but a stain on my life.

He set me up to take the fall, and I did five years behind bars.
He’s my blood, but it isn’t thicker than water.
Not until I make a river run red with it.
Now that I’m out of prison, it’s exactly what I plan to do.

No one messes with me and gets away with it.
I’m going to take everything that belongs to me.
Including her. Gabriella Regio.
My brother’s ex-wife.
He keeps her under lock and key like an animal.
And I’m going to set her free.

My brother locked her up for a reason.
The same reason he put me away.
Now his day of reckoning has arrived.
But with Gabriella?
It might just be mine too…

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I took a deep breath and clawed my fingers into the old worn wood of the counter. My body shook with anger. I wanted to bust through the glass and hold her, to tell her everything was going to be okay, but I couldn’t lie to her anymore. I had no idea if things would ever be okay again.
If she went back to my brother, Gabriella would be nothing but a ghost to me. I was haunted in many ways, and losing her would leave me in purgatory, where the doomed, broken, and dangerous were meant to be.
“Goodbye, Sebastian,” she sobbed my name and hung up the phone with a soft click as I stared at her. 

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Author Bio

Kelli writes hot and steamy romances with delicious alpha males who will not stop until they get the women they crave exactly where they want them. Kelli’s heroes are tough as nails, hot as sin, and underneath the rough exterior is a heart of gold begging to be unleashed. If you think you can tame them, you’re probably right, but it won’t be an easy journey.

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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 out of 5

Wow, dark, depraved, and twisted. He was set up by his own blood. Sebastian Knight was set up by his own brother to get him out of the way of what Kendrick had planned for the beautiful young woman that he is dating. The first time Sebastian laid eyes on Gabriella, he fell in love with her and wanted her for himself, but Kendrick staked his claim on her first. Sebastian spent five years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit and during that time all he could think about was protecting Gabriella and keeping her away from Kendrick. He had no idea what Kendrick had planned for Gabriella, but Sebastian knew that he needed to find her after he was released from prison, so he spent the next two years searching everywhere for her, with no luck.

Gabriella thought Kendrick was the man that would give her everything she lost when her parents died. When she was eighteen, she started dating him and after a while, she realized that he was not the man she was hoping he was. After she met his younger brother Sebastian, she knew he was the man for her, but now she was trapped with Kendrick and in a marriage that she didn’t want. Sebastian helped her while he was in prison to escape Kendrick and get a divorce, but her seclusion didn’t last long enough and when he found her again, she had to endure so much that most people would not survive.

I loved this story and the characters are great. The men are Alpha, wealthy, dangerous, and loyal and the women are sassy, strong, and just as dangerous as their men. They have no problem with what these men do and in fact are right by their sides all the way. These men made their own family and are loyal to each other. They will put their lives on the line at any moment for their family of choice. I cannot wait to read Grayson, Owen, and Heaven’s stories. All of these men were falsely accused of crimes and imprisoned for them. Now they are out to redeem themselves and to gain back some of what they lost in time they spent behind bars. The guys are so funny to read about. They are like a bunch of teenage girls at times and then other times they are lethal and deadly. I give this story a 5-star review and highly recommend it to readers that enjoy stories that are a bit dark and twisted and characters that you wish were in your corner. Besides, one look at the cover of Cruel Temptation and Cruel Seduction and who wouldn’t want to read these guys’ stories? They are very sexy!

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