Review of Midnight Wreckage (Kings of Vengeance MC Book 4) by Winter Travers @wintertravers @EJBookPromos

MW Tease 3 (1)

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 4 out of 5

Queenie is left to raise her nephew, Gunner, but when she is shot, and he is taken the Kings of Vengeance will do whatever is necessary to help her find him and bring him home safe and sound. Queenie is a strong woman who after being shot several times and having surgery knows that she has to go out and look for Gunner to bring him back home.

Sledge is a member of the Kings of Vengeance MC and has been interested in Queenie since he first set eyes on her. He has stayed away so that he didn’t give her any pressure with the sudden need to raise her nephew after losing her sister. He wants to take care of her and when he brings her home from the hospital, he is determined to stay with her to make sure she is alright.

I really like the characters in this series. The men are tough, dangerous, loyal, and protective of those they care about. The women are strong willed, tough, and a little on the crazy side, especially when they have their Book Club. These women include others that they meet and find a connection to, which includes Queenie’s sister’s counselor and the bar tender at a bar near the rehab center that Duchess went to. These characters are great and fun to read. The women keep their men on their feet and eat their “feisty flakes”, this is what the men say when the women get sassy and mouthy with their men. I give this story a 4-star review and I look forward to more of the Kings of Vengeance MC. If you like MC, sexy men, and sassy women, you’ll love this book and the series.

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