ARC Review of Rios (Perdition MC Shifters Book 2) by BE Kelly

Rios Cover

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 out of 5

Intense, unpredictable, and protective.

Santiago Rios “Rios” is the Alpha of the Perdition MC, a wolf pack shifters MC. He has a lot on his shoulders since he was not groomed to become the Alpha of the pack, that was to be his brother, Trace. Rios took over the Alpha position because his brother wanted a different path in life and has done a good job of protecting his pack and being the Alpha. When he decided to bring a peace offering to Trace in the form of a young woman who is a seer and a shifter, his plans changed as soon as he first set eyes on Aylen Nez, and after he scented her. This caused more problems with his older brother and there doesn’t seem to be any relief from their tension in the near future.

Aylen Nez is the youngest of the Nez family. She realized she had a different path in life as a teen and was scared to death that her family would reject her when they found out her secret. Now that Rios has taken an interest in her, her secret is about to come to light, and she will have to deal with the fall out of it with her family. Little does she know that her secret and Rios’ interest in her has put her in the crosshairs of the Hunters, and in danger. She will need to learn to trust in herself as well as her new life if she is to survive.

I have been enjoying the Seer series as well as the Perdition MC series. I have found the characters to be entertaining, intense, unpredictable, and very protective of those they care about. These shifters are wolves, so they are very protective, and they work very well as a pack to keep their pack safe. The Hunters are getting too close to the pack though and the Perdition MC will need to proceed very carefully and be alert to everything and everyone that they interact with. The need to protect is strong and these sexy men will put their lives on the line to keep their mate or their family safe. I give this story a 5-star review and cannot wait for Trace’s story to come out. I have been looking forward to his story, he’s a brooding, moody, man that needs to find a mate that will bring out the wolf he is keeping locked up.

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