Review of Nolan: A Dark Irish Mafia Romance (Dangerous Doms) by Jane Henry


She’s my nemesis.
My prisoner.
I’ll make her beg for mercy.
I’ll make her scream my name.
I’ll make her mine.

Sheena Hurston’s been a thorn in my side for years.
But when she tries to bring my family to ruin, I’m done playing games.
She will pay for what she’s done.
No one comes before my family.

Sheena belongs to me.

Please note: this is a dark romance and includes elements of dubious consent, violence, and kink.

My Review:

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✨ 4.5 out of 5

He’s the youngest son of the McCarthy Clan. He was a disappointment for years, with his partying and drinking. He went to rehab and cleaned up his life. Unfortunately, his father didn’t get to meet the reformed Nolan. Now he’s the third in line to run The Clan and he is gaining the respect he deserves. When he’s tasked with getting information from a reporter that is trying to destroy The Clan his world will get turned upside down. He has no idea what’s in store for him and how his life will change, but he knows that when his brother, Keenan, the head of The Clan tells him to get answers, he better do it.

Sheena is a woman on a vendetta and her goal is to bring down the family that killed her father. She’s a reporter who is using her job to help her bring them down. She will to all lengths to get the information she wants. Her main goal besides the vendetta is to take care of her younger siblings since their mother won’t do it and puts them in more danger than they should be in. When Nolan McCarthy takes her to The Clan mansion she thinks that she is in control of what will happen and that she will be able to walk away with no problem, but when problems beyond her control come to light and the truth comes out, will she walk away or stay.

I really enjoyed Sheena and Nolan’s story. There is heat, danger, and the chance for the both of them to show their real selves. Sheena does not come from the same world and Nolan and she is ashamed of where she does come from, but Nolan doesn’t show any contempt for that towards Sheena, he is only interested in stopping her from ruining his family. When the truth about everything comes out, there is more danger, but these two will have to put their trust into each other so they can survive and live their lives. If you like stories of women who act tough and are willing to sacrifice things for those they love, Mafia, Doms, or stories of family, then you will enjoy Nolan. I loved it and I give it a 4.5-star review. I look forward to more with these characters. I love the way the men of The Clan are with each other; they are family by choice as well as blood.

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