Release and Review: The Beast of Boston by JL Mac @EJBookPromos @JLMacbooks

Title: The Beast of Boston
Author: JL Mac
Genre: Mob Romance (Dark)
Release Date: May 19, 2020
Cover Design: Robin Harper, Wicked by Design

“This is Beast. Beast is the size of a Volkswagen and has an impossible amount of buds and blooms. Beast also has thorns. But if you can sneak close enough to catch a whiff, and avoid the gnarly thorns, you’ll be ruined for all the other roses for the rest of your life. The sweetest, most addictive scent amongst the thorns.” 
That’s what mom told my little sister and I once. She led us close enough to look but no further as she spoke of her favorite rosebush that she had affectionately named Beast.
That was a long time ago. 
These days I know another Beast. A different kind of wild, untamed thing. He too is dangerous to get too close to. It’s unfortunate that I can’t afford to care, not when he’s the key to finding my sister. 
They called him The Beast of Boston when he was a professional boxer. Now he rules over a bunch of criminals—the same criminals I hope will lead to my sister. I won’t stop until she’s found. I’ll get as close to Beast as it takes, gnarly thorns and all. 
The problem is I’m so busy worrying for my own physical safety that I never considered how my heart would behave. Mom was right about one thing: I am ruined for all the roses for the rest of my life and it’s much too late to change it now. 

USA Today Best Selling Author, JL Mac, is the author of the bestselling Wrecked series, and several other romance titles. JL resides in El Paso, Texas, with her husband and four children. She is a native Texan having been born and raised in Galveston. JL admittedly has had a long and sordid love affair with the written word and has loved every minute of it. She drinks too many glasses of wine on occasion, and says way too many swear words to be considered “lady-like.” JL spends her free time reading, writing, playing with her children and living her happily ever after with her very own Prince Charming who she affectionately calls Tight Buns McHotness.





⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 out of 5

A story of betrayal, loyalty, loss and family. He’s The Beast, he’s dark, dangerous, and not at all what she expected.

Ena was raised in a foster home until she was ten years old. She never knew her mother or father. She was told a story about her mother and when she finally moved in with a family that showed her love and what family was, she decided to keep her last name in case her mother came looking for her when she got older. Little did she know that her whole life had been a lie and due to extenuating circumstances, her life was about to change completely, and she could just hold on for the ride.

Carrick “The Beast of Boston” had a tough life as a child and when he was fifteen his life changed, and he found his calling. He put his anger and energy into fighting in the ring and became a legend in the boxing world. As he got older, he had to stop boxing and step up to help in the family business. After his father died when he was fifteen, Beast was taken in by his father’s boss, Orin, the boss of the Irish Mafia in Boston. Now he had to step up and become the second in command for Orin and the family. Beast is only loyal to his family and when a woman walks into his club and puts herself in his life, she turns it upside down and he has no idea what’s going to come next.

I loved the characters in this story. Ena is brave, strong, determined, and loyal to those she cares about. Beast is the same way with his family. These two had chemistry off the charts, but they both tried to deny it for their own reasons. When the truth of Ena’s reasons for infiltrating Eden come out and her true identity comes to light, they both have to struggle with what is right and determine where to go from there. The story is full of action, steamy chemistry, and great characters. I give the story a 5-star review. This was my first read of Jaimi Shannon, but I really enjoyed her book and would look for more if there were more on these characters. I would love to read Alana and Murphy’s story. I think Alana has a lot to tell. If you like action packed mafia stories you will love this book. It does have a dark side but is written well and makes the whole story.

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