Crimson Syn’s New Release ~ Inked In Vengeance (Royal Bastards MC). Inked in Vengeance is Live! @CrimsonSyn82

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๑۩ ۩๑NEW RELEASE๑۩ ۩๑
New Orleans National Chapter
Author: Crimson Syn
Series: Royal Bastards MC
Model: Drew Truckle
Cover Designer: Jay Aheer
Photographer: Eric D Battershell

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Available on #KindleUnlimited



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Lies and betrayal surround Elrik Jameson
Vengeance runs in his blood, but so does brotherhood.
Life in the Royal Bastards MC was never easy.
His colors stripped from him.
His title stolen.
He quietly remains in exile.
But now that the truth is unfolding he’s finally coming home,
To claim his rightful place as the President of the National Chapter,
And to resolve any unfinished business.
But the past isn’t willing to let him live in peace, and it continues to haunt him.
When a beautiful woman is brought to him to prove his loyalty
He is forced to decide whether to spill her blood or knock on death’s door.
But in the backwoods of the Louisiana Bayou, there is no room for love.
And when the devil sets his eyes on your soul,
There’s no escaping the consequences.
In the depths of hell, sometimes vengeance is the only way to survive.
And in Jameson’s case, vengeance will never taste sweeter.

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