Release Blitz and Review: Owned by Him by Raven Amor @GiveMeBooksPR.


Title: Owned by Him
Author: Raven Amor
Genre: Dark Romantic Suspense

Release Date: February 28, 2020

Lillianna would do anything for her dad. But the bond of family can be a knife that cuts deep. Her father owed a lot of money. In the ultimate betrayal, he bartered Lilliana as his payment. 
Traded to her brother’s best friend. The man who she once loved, her childhood prince.  Malachi Kingston is now the monster who stole her freedom.
Yet as secrets from the past surface, and the pair battle against their darkest desires.
Blood will be spilled. Heart will be broken. Bullets will fly and lives lost.
From author Raven Amor comes, Owned by Him, a suspenseful dark romance that will leave readers breathless! 


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He grabs me by the throat and shoves me into the wall, causing the plasterboard to fall to the floor. Those black eyes penetrate me. His fingers tremble around my neck, and I know it’s because he wants to squeeze harder. It’s the first time I truly fear him; I see the man who was born into the world of crime and violence. I know he sees my fear, senses it the same way a predator does his prey. As his lips stretch into a wolfish smirk, he squeezes my neck tighter, cutting off my airways, showing me he has the power to end me right here in this shithole of a flat, the same place he sat and played video games with me. He’s telling me none of that matters, that I’m nothing to him.
Malachi turns so fast, releasing my neck. I gasp, trying so hard to pull in the oxygen my lungs burn for that I don’t have time to process what’s happening. That’s when I see the smooth metal of the gun he had hidden pushed hard against my dad’s temple.
So hard that a trickle of blood falls like a crimson tear.
“What are you doing?” I whisper, too terrified to even breathe or make the wrong move.
My heart stutters as he releases the safety catch, finger steady on the trigger.
“His payment will be paid!” With the gun to my father’s temple, he’s clearly telling me that if I don’t agree to his demands, he’s killing my father. He’s going to make me watch as he blows his brains across the tiny flat. Malachi knows what he is doing.
He’s pulling the strings, and now he’s going to watch me dance.
His decision is unwavering. There is no remorse in his eyes as his finger draws back, hand completely steady.
He is a monster.
Shutting my eyes against the pain, a tear escapes. I’m mourning the man I used to know, my freedom, and the girl I know will be changed forever with my answer.
“Take me.”
Author Bio
Raven loves writing dark romance wrapped in suspense. She loves finding the beauty in the pain, love in tragedy. And of course writing those hot scenes. 
Raven describes her books as darkness mixed with blood stained passion. 
Raven is fluent in sarcasm and adult language. 
If you can’t find Raven in her writing cave or editing hell.
Then you will find her curled up with a book lost in the words of other authors. Raven has three daughters and one man child. All who she adores. She comes from a large welsh family who are completely crazy in all the right ways. 
You can find Raven on Facebook and Instagram. Or hanging out in her group Raven Rebels.
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My Review:

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✨ 4.5 out of 5

A story full of suspense, strength, unconditional love, and twists.

Lilliana has lost one very important man in her life. Now she only has her father left and even though he’s not father of the year material, he’s still her father and she would do anything for him. Unfortunately for her, that’s about to be tested. There have been three men who have meant anything to Lilliana in her life, and she is about to be reunited with one of them. Too bad she hates him and wants nothing to do with him.

Malachi is the Prince of Darkness. He is dangerous, deadly, and has no soul, at least that’s what Lilliana believes. He is a man who does not let anyone see the real him. He’s actually a man in control of his destiny and will do anything for the one woman that means the world to him, little does she know that though. It will take a dangerous situation for her to realize that all that Malachi has been doing is trying to protect her.

I loved this story. The pages burned with the lives of Lilliana and Malachi, their lives are so different, but still connected. They are both strong people who love deeply and completely, when they let people into their lives. They will fight for what’s right and each other until they both realize that their lives are not complete without the other. I give this story a 4.5-star review and recommend it to readers who like Mafia, dark romance, strong women who are not afraid to stand up for themselves, or twisted romance. This was my first read of Raven Amor, but I am sure that it won’t be my last. I enjoyed this story and found her writing to pull me in and hang on to me throughout the book.

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