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Her name is Summer Hollingsworth. His name is Rocco “Rock” Silva. He’s her boyfriend. My name is Samuel “Snake” Priest, and I’m her lover. Too. I bet you’re wondering if he knows about it. I bet you’re wondering if Rock approves of it. I bet you’re wondering if we’re together. Yes. Yes. Yes. Why, you ask? How, you ask? When, you ask? That is what you’re thinking, right? Because that’s how we want it. Any way we can. Any time we please.
Yeah, it’s….different. We’re different. Summer was an heiress on the run. Me and Rock? Rock and I are part of The Program, an organization that as far as the world is concerned doesn’t exist. We’re your worst nightmare. Or so we thought.
We did something. Or didn’t. Now it’s time to pay. They’re sending the Grim Reaper to collect. He’s taking everyone with him.

**18+, very strong sexual content, very strong language, MFM, a little MMF. Suspense, RomCom, intended for mature audiences**

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