Review of Vas (The V Games Book 3) by Ker Dukey and K Webster @KristiWebster @KerDukeyauthor


Vas doesn’t want to be like his father. He’s a Volkov, but he’s not a ruthless as his father and he doesn’t want to be. He’s lethal in his own right and has made a name for himself outside of the Volkov family. He’s a trainer and a fighter. He will train Alyona for Vlad Vasiliev for the V Games, even though he afraid that she won’t take his training seriously because they are good friends and she is the typical mafia princess.

Darya was taken from the convent and put into the hands of a cruel, sick, Yuri Vasiliev as his sex slave. She’s used and abused by Yuri, but she’ll get her revenge in the end. Vas will save and protect her from Yuri while falling in love with the quiet, naïve girl. They’ll also find out her lineage, which will help to protect her.

Alyona is a young mafia princess of one of The First Families, Voskoboynikov. She’s the youngest child of Iosif, her older brother, Artur was killed in the V Games by Diana Vetrov, and her brother Ivan is still bitter about Diana taking him out.

I liked this story and loved Darya. Her strength and her care about her new family and friends shows that Yuri may have been cruel to her, but he did not break her spirit. I give this story a 5-star review and look forward to more books in the V Games series, hopefully there’ll be more. I loved the ending of this one.

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