Review of Too Mean To Die: A Bad-Boy MC Romance (The Knuckleheads MC Book 8) by Simone Scarlet @simonescarlet

Too Mean to Die

⭐️⭐️⭐️✨ 4.5 stars out of 5

After the job the Knuckleheads did in Mexico all of the original riders and their loved ones are in danger of being killed by a hit squad, all because of what they learned in Mexico while destroying The Gallardo brother’s operation. Coyle met his future wife while in Mexico and they now live on a horse boarding ranch in Washington and are expecting their first child. Their whole world can come crashing down in one night due to the work they did in Mexico a year prior.

I enjoy the stories of the Knuckleheads and this one did not disappoint. The women that align themselves with these men are just as strong and wicked as they are. They will fight right alongside them and fiercely protect what is theirs, even if they are pregnant.

The beginning of Coyle and Isabella’s story was intense, but their story of trying to battle the hit squad is awesome. Isabella’s brother in-law and Coyle are lethal and the towns people that stand with Coyle and Isabella are determined.

I enjoyed this story and Coyle and Isabella’s story. I give it 4.5-stars and recommend the Knucklehead MC books. The covers are sexy too!

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