ARC Review – Shouldn’t Have You (Fractured Connections Book #2) by Carrie Ann Ryan #TuesdayBookBlog @GiveMeBooksPR and @CarrieAnnRyan

Shouldn't Have You Teaser 11

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✨ 4.5-stars out of 5

A story of second chances at love with a different person. It’s raw, scary, and beautiful.

Brendon Connolly did not have a great childhood. In fact, he had a terrible childhood, until he was placed in the home of Jack and Rose with two other young boys who were twins. They made a family in this home and all of them found the love of a family and parents who treated them as they should be treated. Jack and Rose felt as if these boys were theirs and they loved them.

Harmony Wynham had a good childhood, she has loving parents and didn’t want for much. She fell in love with her friend and they got married. They had a loving marriage and had good friends around them. That is until tragedy struck and Brendon watched the whole thing. Brendon and Harmony knew each other from school and hung out with the same friends in school. Not only did tragedy strike once with Harmony and Brendon’s group, but it struck twice.

This story is about how life caries on around us when we feel that it should stop and stay as still as we are when tragedy strikes us. However, if life does not go on, we can’t go on either. This story was well written for the content and it was beautiful. Even though there is some ugly in it, the way it was written and ended was beautiful. I enjoyed reading it and I am looking forward to reading more of the series. I give this story a 4.5-star review and highly recommend it to readers who want that second chance to happen, love to be fresh and new, and the vulnerability of putting one’s self out there for the world to see.

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