Review – Darkest Deeds by Cora Kenborn @corakenborn @EJBookPromos


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✨ 4.5 out of 5

A story of a second, possibly third chance at love between an assassin and a Bratva Princess. Niko was pulled into the Bratva to pay for the sins of his father and then he was betrayed by the one woman who had his heart. Ava is the daughter of the leader of the Bratva, Sergei, but she’s not exactly treasured by her father. Niko was then taken in by Arthur and became an assassin in the Cavalieri Della Morte.

There were a few twists in this story of an assassin who is sent to do a job that he thought he wanted to do, but his heart isn’t in it. It’s full of betrayal and deception.

I liked this story and as the other Cavalieri Della Morte men, Niko is sexy, dark, and lethal. His deception to Sergei and Arthur could lead to his death, but he doesn’t seem to be worried about it. I highly recommend this story along with the other Cavalieri Della Morte stories to readers who like men that are deadly, dark, and believe that they doomed to be alone, until they find that woman who will bring them to their knees and cause them to betray the one man who could kill them and destroy their lives.

I loved Mikhail and his and Niko’s banter. They are both men that you would be afraid of if you ran into them in a dark alley, but their banter can be comical. Ava’s ability to get away from Mikhail is interesting for a man who should be lethal.

This book has a sexy cover as well.

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