ARC Review – A Cruel Love (Cavalieri Della Morte Series) by S.M. Soto @EJBookPromos @authorSMsoto

A Cruel Love Teaser 3

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 out of 5

She was supposed to be a job but something about her draws him in and he can’t bring himself to follow through with Arthur’s orders. He has never deviated from a job before, but this woman just does something to his head.

Percivale is a member of the Cavalieri Della Morte, he is lethal and dangerous. He was brought into the Della Morte by Arthur as a teenager when Arthur saved him from death. Percivale is driven by revenge for the brutal murders of his brothers and father when he was a young boy. The only way he survived was because his father had built safety into his house.

Blossom is a young woman who has caused too much trouble for Arthur and must be eliminated. Percivale has been tasked with that dirty job. Blossom is a small woman who owns her own bakery and has not exactly had it easy in her life. She’s been hurt and does not trust easily, nor does she put herself out there for relationships or friendship. She’s a woman who keeps to herself and has no idea what is headed her way. She believes she has bad luck and she has low confidence in herself.

I really liked this story. Percivale is so enthralled with Blossom and she has unknowingly knocked him off his feet. She is small but mighty in her personality and the draw that she has over Percivale. He figures if he can find a flaw in her he will be able to complete his job, but the more time he watches her and spends with her just seals his fate.

I love how Blossom finally finds her self-worth and the person she was meant to be after her time with Percivale. She finds her voice as well as her strength inside and pulls it out. In the meantime, Percivale finds his heart again and although he is a man who is dark and lethal, he is a different man with Blossom. I actually really like Percivale and was happy to read his story.

I give this story a 5-star review and look forward to more of the Cavalieri Della Morte stories. These guys are deadly but oh so sexy.

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