ARC Review:Mayhem’s King: Operation Mayhem #4 by Lindsay Cross @GiveMeBooksPR and @lindsaycross101

Mayhem_s King Full Wrap

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ out of 5!

Kingston has put his tragic past behind him, but he’s no longer living life. He’s just surviving life. After a tragic day in King’s life, he left everything behind. A member of the Mayhem project, his life is about to change once again. He believes he’s a man who doesn’t deserve happiness or love, and his focus is on revenge.

Laura Dawson is a woman who is content and happy with her life. Her brother, John, was in the service and twice, she thought he was dead. He’ll bring changes to her life that she is not expecting or prepared for. John’s military background will drag Laura into danger, and she will find a part of her that she never knew was missing.

The men that surround King are his family and they will do anything to protect each other and those that mean the world to them. The mansion they all live in is their compound and they believe they are safe there.

I loved this book. However, the second chapter confused me until I got further into it. I was lost for a period of time, but when I got further into the story, I understood what was going on.

It’s a tragic story of a second chance at life for a man who doesn’t believe he deserves it. For a man who believes that he is destined to live his life alone, he has a huge heart in his chest, but needs to be reminded of how to keep it beating.

I give this story a 5-star review and would recommend it to readers who like military, suspense, and tough guys being brought to their knees by little girls. I would like to read more of King’s first team’s story after he left. I think I need to go back and read the previous stories to get a better feel of what is going on with King.

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