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Title: Biker Baby
Series: Kings of Mayhem #3
Author: Penny Dee
Genre: MC Romance/Romantic Suspense
Cover Design: Marisa, Cover Me Darling
Release Date: April 19, 2019

Biker Baby Ebook Cover


I was about to make a huge mistake.
And when I say huge, I mean, approximately ten inches’ worth of mistake.
But after the week I’d had, this was just what I needed. A night of big bad mistakes with a big bad biker.

Honey Scott
Finding out your boyfriend is a cheating loser is a real buzz kill. Finding out you’re actually the other woman, is devastating. Call it temporary insanity, but I decide the best way to get over the loser I’d dated for two years is to get under a biker with tattoos, dimples and a hard body he knows how to use.
He’s going to make everything better with numerous mind-blowing orgasms. But just for one night.
Except one faulty condom means my one-night stand isn’t so one-night after all.

Caleb Calley
After a night of insane sex, the beautiful blue-eyed brunette gave me the slip. And even with all the women on offer afterwards, I can’t get her off my mind. So when she turns up at the Kings of Mayhem MC compound I’m quick to give her a second night of amazing sex and crazy orgasms. But this time, I’m not ready to let her go.
There’s just one problem— she’s not interested.
But if she thinks she’s going to give me the slip again, then she’s got another thing coming. I know she is keeping a secret from me but I don’t care what it is. I want her and I’m going to make her mine.

Biker Baby, book three in the Kings of Mayhem MC series.

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As he waited for his breathing to calm, I took a moment to marvel in the bulk of the man lying on top of me. My fingers slid across golden skin colored with a collage of intricate pictures, symbols and words. My palm curved around strong deltoid muscles that were well-rounded and powerful. He was big. Strong. Lethal. And probably not interested in being the father of my baby.
The thought made me shift uneasily beneath him. I had to get out of there. I needed to be alone to collect my thoughts and find my senses. I wiggled and Caleb rolled off me. I thought he would let me go but he didn’t. Instead he turned my face towards him and kissed me hard on the mouth.
But I was leaving. I sat up and began looking for my panties on the floor. Finding them wedged under the corner of the bed, I slipped them on and began hunting for my skirt.
“Where are you going?” He asked.
“I have to go.”
“Why are you always running away from me?” He said, an amused sparkle in his eyes. “Will I see you again?”
I paused and looked at him over my shoulder. “Do you want to?”
He grinned and I was momentarily taken back by how beautiful it was.
How beautiful he was.
“Hell darlin’, I don’t want you to leave.”
I resumed looking for my skirt. “I have to leave. I have things to do.”
I found my skirt in a tangle with my shirt at the foot of the bed.
“At least let me give you a ride home.” He sat up.
“Its fine. I can call a cab.” I stood up and slipped my shirt on.
“I’m not letting you take a cab.”
“Really its fine.”
He climbed off the bed, unfazed by his nakedness, and began looking for his boxer shorts. I paused to drink in the fine display of his muscular body and his still swollen manhood swinging between his powerful thighs. It was obvious he took very good care of his body.
He slipped on his jeans and by the time I had buttoned my blouse and found my phone and shoes, he was fully dressed and securing his wallet chain to his jeans.
“Ready?” He asked.
There was no point arguing.
As he opened the bedroom door, I mentally braced myself. I wasn’t looking forward to the walk of shame through the clubhouse. But the hallway was quiet and the clubhouse was still. Sometime in the night the music had stopped and the party had wound down.
As soon as I entered the bar, the stench of last nights partying hit me like a bat to the face and I had to hold my breath. The bar was littered with snoring bikers and the odd club girl asleep where they had passed out. Bottles lay scattered and spilled everywhere. Stale booze and body odor were ripe in the air. Caleb took my hand and led me through the mess, stepping over discarded bottles and sleeping bodies. Musty smoke glittered in the dusty rays of sunlight bursting into the room from a window above the jukebox.
Across the room, an older biker was quietly having sex with a large, partially dressed woman up against the pool table. His jeans were down around his ankles and his eyes were closed as he lazily rocked into her. The slap, slap of her large wobbly boobs against the pool table broke the stillness of the morning.
Further away, a naked woman lay slumped at the base of a stripper pole with everything open and on display. She hugged a half-spilled bourbon bottle and snored loudly. As we passed by her, Caleb shook his head and grabbed a discarded shirt from a nearby chair to cover her.
“Is she alright?” I whispered.
“Yeah, that’s Candy. It’s not the first time she’s passed out there and it won’t be the last.”
I glanced around me. This place. These people. This was Caleb’s world. And it reeked of bad choices. Nausea roiled in the pit of my stomach and I barely made it outside in time before losing the contents of my stomach.
“Jesus, are you okay?” Caleb asked, coming up behind me.
I gestured for him to give me a moment as another wave of nausea washed over me and I vomited again.
“You drink too much?” he asked when I finally straightened and walked over to him. “I don’t remember you being drunk.”
I shook my head. “I didn’t drink a thing.”
He handed me a helmet. “Are you okay to ride? Or do you need a minute?”
“I’ll be okay.”
He led me over to a row of motorcycles parked alongside the clubhouse. His was a big black beast with lots of chrome gleaming in the early morning light.
Before he climbed on, he touched my hand. “Are you sure you’re ok?”
I smiled brightly but it was fake because I felt weird. Out of place. I didn’t belong there.
“Yes. I’m fine.” I said, very aware that I needed to get out of there. I did up my helmet and climbed onto the back of his bike. “Lets ride.”

Kings of Mayhem Ebook Cover

#1 Kings of Mayhem

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#2 Brothers in Arms

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Penny Dee writes contemporary romance about rockstars, bikers, hockey players and everyone in-between. She believes true love never runs smoothly, and her characters realize this too, with a boatload of drama and a whole lot of steam.

She found her happily ever after in Australia where she lives with her husband, daughter and a dog named Bindi.

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Release Blitz and Giveaway: Twisted Tales of Mayhem Anthology @GiveMeBooksPR and @sapphireknight3

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Title: Twisted Tales of Mayhem –
A Motorcycles, Mobsters and Mayhem 2019
Special Edition Anthology
Authors: Various
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: March 18, 2019

Twisted Tales of Mayhem Full Wrap


Net proceeds raised by the MMM19 anthology will be donated to the Patriot Guard Riders.

They’re a diverse group of riders from across the nation. They have an unwavering respect for America’s heroes including fallen military members, first responders, and honorably discharged Veterans. Their mission is to attend funeral services to show respect to the hero, as well as shield the mourning family from interruptions.

Please join us in supporting this selfless nonprofit organization of volunteers who do so much for our real life American heroes.

Twisted Tales of Mayhem Ebook Cover
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Sapphire Knight Teaser

Sapphire Knight
When it comes to his club and his woman, he’s a savage. Always has been, always will be.

Piper Davenport
When the beloved Sargent at Arms for the Dogs of Fire MC finds himself falsely incarcerated, his woman must move heaven and earth to release him, while holding back a pack of ravenous bikers whose bite is worse than their bark.

Ryan Michele Teaser

Ryan Michele
Cooper and Bristyl are tying the knot. With the Ravage MC in attendance, what could go wrong?

Esther E. Schmidt Teaser

Esther E. Schmidt
Have you ever disassembled a ticking bomb? I have. Steady as fuck hand, the longest last breath, and the will to live. There’s nothing I can’t do and I have to admit, with all my brothers claiming an Old Lady, I’ve been craving to claim one. Circumstances aside, I never in a million years thought it would be Paisley.

MariaLisa deMora Teaser

MariaLisa deMora
Amanda lost her husband to war. Alex lost part of himself. Together, they’ll discover hope and peace can be found in the most unexpected of places.

Colbie Kay Teaser

Colbie Kay
I’ve never been a man to follow rules, but one night I went too far, crossing lines that should have never been touched. I’m about to break the rules again, but this time I’m ready to make her mine. Only one problem stands in my way, she’s getting married in one week.

K E Osborn Teaser

K E Osborn
Doing deals in a hotel room seemed like the safe option. No outside eyes, no mess, no damn fuss. What I didn’t count on was being blindsided by a feisty maid who ended up seeing far too much. Now she’s a problem – my problem. But maybe that problem will surprise me in a way I never saw coming.

Jack Davenport
Home from a war my country hated me for, I’m looking for my place in the world, managing to find myself in jail instead. But when a vision of perfection walks up the jailhouse steps, I’m lost. Now I just have to convince her to get lost with me.

Lilly Atlas Teaser

Lilly Atlas
With his shiny new patch and legacy blood, Viper’s life is dedicated to one day becoming president of the Devil’s Tribe MC. One look at the beautiful and terrified Cassandra has him questioning everything his club stands for. Never had loyalty to his club taken a back seat, but how could he ignore the pleading in those green eyes?

Kathleen Kelly
The Harbingers of Death MC have wronged me. They don’t know it yet, but I’m coming for them. They will all pay. For she will be avenged.

Harley Stone Teaser

Harley Stone
When a near-death experience brings a sexy Latino biker into her life, Jessica will be tempted to throw her cautious nature to the wind. Will Spade’s charm and panty-melting smile be enough to make this good girl go wild?

Vera Quinn Teaser

Vera Quinn
Two people on different paths when their world’s collide. One by chance and the other by plan. No promises made but even the best of plans can unravel over time.

Shelly Morgan Teaser

Shelly Morgan
Gemma DelBene is the daughter of the most infamous mafia Crime Lord and sister to the next in line. But what happens when her mother and brother are brutally murdered and her family is left without an heir?

Sandy Alvarez _ Crystal Daniels Teaser

Sandy Alvarez & Crystal Daniels
Demetri- Ruthless ruler of the Volkov empire. If you’re not with me your against me. I give no second chances. Glory Keller- she’s feisty, independent, sexy and I’m going to make her mine. Thirsty for power, someone crosses the line, threatening to take her and my empire away from me. Now, I’m out for blood. No use in hiding from the devil himself- I will find you.

Daphne Lovelina Teaser

Daphne Loveling
When a mysterious biker starts hanging out in the bar where Samantha works nights, she thinks he’s just interested in a one night stand. What she doesn’t know is that she’s been placed under Crow’s protection… and he’s about to risk his own life to keep her safe.

Jaime Russell Teaser

Jaime Russell
Justice needs to be served. But whose way; his or hers?

Ginger Ring Teaser

Ginger Ring
You know you’re having a bad day when the man hired to keep an eye on you is one that makes people disappear. Permanently.

Morgan Jane Mitchell
When Onyx O’Connor’s father dumps her in their old home town, a tattooed, bad boy takes an interest. Discovering he’s not who he seems, she finds out, neither is she

Kailee Reese Samuels
Keep your secrets simple and your lies dirty.

Angie M Brashears Teaser

Angie M Brashears
In a world where love is a ghost story, no one is safe. Not even familia. Peligro.

K.A. Ware Teaser

K.A. Ware
Biker bitch royalty, strippers, a club whore, and a bachelorette party…what could go wrong?

Xavier Neal TeaserROAR
Xavier Neal
What happens when Lion accidentally finds his Lioness?

Amy Davies Teaser

Amy Davies
Reckless Angels MC are my life. I work hard and play hard and can have any woman I want, but there’s only one woman for me. Why do I push her away when all I want to do is to pull her close to me and never let go? It’s time I work hard to get my own angel.

Kristine Allen Teaser

Kristine Allen
I’m the Enforcer for the Demented Sons MC, I don’t do beach hook-ups with a prim-ass school teacher. And I sure as hell don’t obsess over the chick afterward. But that’s exactly what I did.

Crimson Syn Teaser

Crimson Syn
Hate simmers between the Hellbound Lovers and the Devil’s Syndicate. But when love and jealousy collide, decisions will be made, and there’s no saying who might get burned.

Teagan Brooks Teaser

Teagan Brooks
When the girl who broke his heart years ago shows up at the Blackwings MC clubhouse for the president’s daughter’s wedding, Badger, the VP, is not only shocked, he is pissed. But a few words from his best friend’s wife leaves him with more questions than answers. And Badger never lets anything go unanswered.

Linny Lawless Teaser

Linny Lawless
Torque, the owner of Hardcore Cycles is only focused on one thing, the V-twin engines that come into his shop. There’s no time for women or love, that is until Ronnie, a raven-haired beauty comes into his sights. When the biker beauty needs help, Torque’s primal instincts kick in, and there’s no stopping him when it comes to protecting the woman he loves.

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Review: Kill or Be Killed by Bry Ann @AuthorBryAnn



Another awesome book by Bry Ann! This story is so dark, but so well written.

Tobias has such a dark past and has no family but Anatoli. Anatoli saved Tobias when he was a teenager and has been with him ever since. They work together and are as close as brothers, they’re both assassins. Albeit, they aren’t what you would normally think of when you think of assassins, at least Anatoli isn’t, he has a conscience. Tobias feels the need for closure on his past and he needs to find a way to get to the men who destroyed him as a child. He’s bored with the way things currently are in his life and is looking for something to occupy his mind. His past made him a man who needs pain and chaos in his life to keep him sane.

Scarlett, a young woman who was orphaned at the age of 17. Her whole family is taken away from her during her Senior year of high school. This one incident changed her, and she now lives her life on her own terms. She’s had a rough few years since her family died and she is all alone. She lives life on the edge and is unapologetic about how she lives her life. She needs the edge to feel like she’s alive. The only person who seems to care about her is the bar tender at the local bar she hangs out at. He’s like a surrogate big brother who watches out for when he can.

Tobias’ need for closure and vengeance will put Scarlett in danger. He’ll find the heart that he thinks he doesn’t have, and his life will change a lot after he meets Scarlett. Her life will change as well, but they both have to learn to trust and care before they can find their HEA.

I loved Tobias and Scarlett’s story. I was so angry at Tobias for most of this book though and wanted to punch him in the face. The characters in this book are characters from Bry Ann’s Saving Her Series.

I loved the way that Scarlett and Tobias fight the attraction they have for each other so hard, but they don’t have a chance. They are both damaged and both have their demons and nightmares, but together they can find some peace.

I love the first paragraph of the Epilogue, “I don’t think our story ends in a happily ever after. I wouldn’t call this that. Our starts were way too fucked up to ever end up happy. Life’s a ruthless game”. I love so much of the epilogue because it really shows who Scarlett is. She knows that life isn’t perfect and that even though she has found someone to share her life with she won’t be healed, but she will be cared for and fulfilled by that one person who gets her.

I give this story a 5-star review and am so looking forward to Anatoli’s story. Please hurry with this one, I absolutely love Anatoli and cannot wait to read his story. I highly recommend this story to any reader who likes dark, depraved stories with just a touch of sweet to make you fall in love with the Hero and a sassy heroine who knows who she is and doesn’t apologize for her actions.


Blog Tour and Giveaway: Down & Dirty: Men of Haven by Rhenna Morgan


Title: Down & Dirty
Author: Rhenna Morgan
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Carina Press
Publication Date: March 11th, 2019
Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR

The Men of Haven: fierce passion, unyielding loyalty.

Especially when it comes to their women.

A powerful man

Axel McKee abandoned his musical career years ago in favor of becoming a power player on the music scene. His dreams of the spotlight are over—and he’s better off for it. Working with his Haven brothers and building their empire is enough for him.

One who commanded attention with nothing more than a look

And then came Lizzy. A dynamic, beautiful powerhouse of a performer unlike any he’s seen or heard before. Her presence leaps off stage and into the heart of anyone who watches her sing. Axel wants her. Wants to help her and collaborate with her… But more than anything, he wants to be with her.

And every ounce of his attention was locked on her

Two things are immediately obvious: Lizzy’s been burned before, and earning her trust will be Axel’s biggest challenge yet. If he can get this fierce, stubborn, talented woman to see the passion and care that he’s offering, he might get a chance at a new dream—sharing the spotlight with the woman he loves.


Rhenna Morgan
Author Bio:
A native Oklahoman, Rhenna Morgan is a certified romance junkie. Whether it’s contemporary, paranormal, or fantasy you’re after, Rhenna’s stories pack romantic escape full of new, exciting worlds, and strong, intuitive men who fight to keep the women they want. For advance release news and exclusive content, sign up for her newsletter at You’ll also find all of her social links there, along with her smoking hot inspiration boards.

Author Links:
Rhenna’s Romantics:
Instagram: @rhennamorgan

Buy Links:
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Down & Dirty:

Lizzy watched.
And waited.
And tried like hell to keep the cocktail of rage, praise and outright fear mushrooming up in her chest from spewing all over the seemingly unfazed man next to her. She made it until Vic and his flat ass disappeared into the back office. By some miracle, her first words came out surprisingly restrained. “Tell me you’re a friend of Rex’s and not some stranger who not only just squarely stuck his nose right in the middle of my business, but knows enough details of my bookings to make me seriously uneasy.”
There was no hint to the smile he shot her this time, the sheer devilment behind the curve of his full lips potent enough to make the most hardened woman giggle like a little girl. “Don’t know anyone named Rex, lass, so we’re gonna have to go with door number two. Though, I wouldn’t let the fact that I knew how much you’d booked the gig for tweak you too much. Vic’s not the most creative guy. Every band that’s worth a damned gets the same deal.”
“And you know about bands and their going rates because…”
“Because I know music and I know bar owners.” He faced her fully and held out his hand. “Axel McKee.”
Damn, but the man’s voice was a weapon. Rich, deep, and made all the more intoxicating with the accent. But that was nothing compared to his presence. To the raw, masculine energy emanating off him and the startling focus behind his brilliant green eyes.
He kept his hand steady. Patiently waiting for her to take what he offered.
A crossroad moment.
How she knew it, she couldn’t say, but she felt it in her bones. Intuited the gravity of the situation the way prey recognized a predator had marked them as a target.
And yet, rather than run, she lifted her hand and pressed her palm against his.
Oh. Holy. Hell.
A shiver she didn’t have a prayer of containing moved through her and her breath hitched with all the subtlety of a woman who’d just felt a man’s lips on the back of her neck for the first time.
His fingers tightened around hers. A tangible testament that he’d felt and witnessed her response, which in itself should have mortified her. Instead the deepened connection resonated through her like a tether in the middle of straight-line wind.
“Lizzy Hemming.” The quaver in her response and the sexual rasp that went with it slapped her well-honed sense of self-preservation back into place, and she tugged her hand free with an awkward abruptness. “Though, you appear to already know that.”
“Everyone in this bar knows your name.”
“True, but not one of them saw fit to saunter over here and put my band’s income at risk.”
His smile really was a killer. Quick and loaded with mischief. “Vic’s an idiot, but he’s not that stupid. You covered a week’s worth of hourly wages for half of his staff on his cut of the door alone, and the way he’s trained his bartenders to short people on most of the drinks, you put him squarely in the black for the rest of the month. The last thing that’s gonna happen is you losing a booking.” He cocked his head the same way he had with Vic, only without the dangerous vibe behind his eyes. “Now, if you’re ready to stop playing gigs like this, that’s a whole different conversation.”
Every DEFCON alarm hardwired from past experience went off at once, blaring with enough decibels to nearly make her outwardly wince. As lead-ins went, it was a smooth one, but she’d learned the hard way what trusting smooth talkers earned you. Especially the hot ones. “How exactly is it you know Vic, but he doesn’t know you? And what do you mean, I know music?”
“I know Vic because—bad business man or not—he books good bands, and I make it my business to keep an eye out for good music in and around Texas. I know music because I love it. Have my whole life.”
“You make it your business why?”
His expression shifted. Narrowed with a shrewdness that made her feel as though he’d easily peeled away all her armor and studied the raw woman underneath. “You’re a guarded woman, Elizabeth. Why is that?”
“No one calls me Elizabeth. It doesn’t fit. Never has.”
One look. Ruthless determination behind his eyes and an uncompromising firmness to his lips. “It fits you perfectly. You’re just afraid to wear it.”


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Review Down & Dirty: Men of Haven by Rhenna Morgan


A powerful man

Axel McKee abandoned his musical career years ago in favor of becoming a power player on the music scene. His dreams of the spotlight are over—and he’s better off for it. Working with his Haven brothers and building their empire is enough for him.

One who commanded attention with nothing more than a look

And then came Lizzy. A dynamic, beautiful powerhouse of a performer unlike any he’s seen or heard before. Her presence leaps off stage and into the heart of anyone who watches her sing. Axel wants her. Wants to help her and collaborate with her… But more than anything, he wants to be with her.

And every ounce of his attention was locked on her

I absolutely loved this book. I am not sure why I haven’t read any of the other books in the series yet, but that will be remedied soon. The characters in this book are so loyal, demanding, powerful, and sassy that I don’t know what’s not to love. Lizzy is a woman who has been hurt in the past, and has to learn to trust again, but when she meets Axel’s family there is no way she can get around them. They will burrow right through her armor and open her heart right up.

I love the characters in the story and all that they each bring to the story. Their passion and love shine through more than anything. I give this book at 5-star review and look forward to going back to read the other books in the series before Down & Dirty. I highly recommend this book to readers who like a sassy heroine, a powerful Hero who demands control, and the humor that comes along with a group of sassy women who live to keep the men in their lives on their toes at all time.

Teaser: The Hardest Route by A.S. Teague

teaser dancing endzone

“I’m asking you to choose the hardest route so that we can spend the rest of our lives dancing in the end zone.”
The Hardest Route, an all-new emotional and romantic standalone from A.S. Teague is coming March 21st!
Add to GoodReads:
My friends used to tell me ‘What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.’ Clearly, they lied because a few months later, I found out my one-night stand was pregnant.

I couldn’t handle a baby. I was Griffin Rockwell, the best wide receiver the league had ever seen. But what choice did I have? My baby girl was coming whether I was ready for her or not.

Brooke turned out to be an amazing woman and mother. For seven years, we were the MVP’s of co-parenting—and even better friends.

That all changed when tragedy struck our makeshift family and I was faced with the terrifying possibility of losing the one woman I was quickly realizing I couldn’t live without.

I was at the height of my career and on the path to becoming the greatest of all time.

But keeping my family together, with Brooke by my side, might prove to be the hardest route of all.

Review Fine Line: Crossing Lines #1 by A.D. Justice @GiveMeBooksPR and @adjustice1

Fine Line Now Live

Savannah Fields a woman who made the wrong choice in men. She finds herself needing to move without letting the man who has hounded her for a few years know where she’s moving to. They aren’t even romantically involved, but he thinks he owns her and controls her. Butch is a member of the Devils Dominion MC, and he’s trying to show the President that he is officer material in the Club. He’s sent to Washington DC to check out another MC to see if they will fit into the Devils Dominion MC as a charter club. Devils Dominion MC is a 1%er MC and Butch is not a nice guy. He pushes Savannah around all the time and acts jealous, but he isn’t romantically involved with her anymore. Savannah wants to get away from him, but he threatens all of her friends and her family’s lives, so she stays and takes the abuse for as long as she can. Savannah is forced to go with Butch to Washington DC, but it could be the best thing for her. She meets Karen who becomes her best friend.

Nick Tucker, a DEA agent goes undercover to bring the Devils Dominion down, but he has to fight his innate nature of good vs bad and stand by while the MC carries on business as usual. He’s not sure he will be able to do it for long. Once Nick is able to bring down the MC, he returns to Washington DC to take some time to decompress after being undercover for two years and awaits the trial that will punish the MC members for their crimes. He happens upon Savannah in a coffee shop that she likes to frequent and his conscious won’t let him stand by while Butch abuses her in the coffee shop. Nick becomes her protector and the man who will take Butch down as well.

I am so happy that I read this book. It was a great mix of suspense, romance, danger, and humor. I had tears in my eyes at times and other times, I was laughing at the sassiness of Savannah. For a woman who was beaten down, both literally and figuratively, she is able to find herself and again and come out stronger, smarter, and still full of love. The twists in this story were surprising, but interesting. I loved how Savannah and Nick were able to bring each other out of their darkness to find life again and to be able to carry on their lives. I give this book a 5-star review and highly recommend it to readers who enjoy reading stories about MC’s, Ex-Military men, men who uphold the law, and women who regain their strength, humor, and lives after tragic events in their lives and after bad relationships find them in trouble. There was really so much more to this story, but to avoid spoilers, I don’t want to say too much about it other than you really should buy it and read it. I am so looking forward to the next book in the series to come out, Blurred Line.

I just loved so much about this book. Karen and Spencer are great characters and they fit so well with Savannah and Nick.

Released: Fine Line (Crossing Lines #1) by A.D. Justice @GiveMeBooksPR and @adjustice1

RB Banner

Title: Fine Line
Series: Crossing Lines #1
Author: A.D. Justice
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: March 10, 2019

Fine Line Ebook Cover


Lines are for crossing. Rules are for breaking.

I only wanted a cup of coffee. Alone.

It was a simple request, right? Just stroll into the coffee shop on the corner, grab my usual cup of liquid nitrogen, and walk back out.

All while minding my own business.

But I had to walk in at that exact moment. Not ten minutes earlier. Not ten minutes later. Precisely when Savannah Fields needed someone to help her. When no one except me had the courage to stand up for her.

After the incident, she looked at me like I was her hero.
But I’m no hero.
I don’t even know who or what I am anymore.
Who is Nick Tucker? A DEA agent? A criminal? Both? Neither?
The lines I crossed while undercover blurred my staunch sense of morality.

Then the auburn-haired beauty showed up at my apartment, begging for my help. I couldn’t turn her away.

The more I lost myself in her, the more I found myself again.
Or so I thought.
Even a broken clock gets to be right twice a day.
There’s a fine line between right and wrong, love and hate, heaven and hell.

Fine Line Teaser 1

CROSSING LINES is a spinoff series of the USA Today bestselling romantic suspense series, Steele Security. The books in this new series are stand-alone novels with interconnected characters, so there’s no need to wait until the series is complete to start book one!

Crossing Lines Series


Free in Kindle Unlimited

Read Chapter One here:


Fine Line Teaser 3

Please note: Pre-orders will be delivered on the release date for each book and will only be available to purchase for a couple of days after release. Each book will release LIVE exclusively on Amazon, available in Kindle Unlimited. If you do not read on Amazon, please pre-order NOW!!!

Blurred Line Ebook Cover

#2 Blurred Line – Releasing April 21, 2019

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Hard Line Ebook Cover

#3 Hard Line – Releasing June 2, 2019

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A.D. Justice is the USA Today best selling author of the Steele Security Series (Wicked Games, Wicked Ties, Wicked Nights, Wicked Intentions), the Crazy Series (Crazy Maybe, Crazy Baby), the Dominic Powers series (Her Dom, Her Dom’s Lesson), the Immortal Obsessions series (Immortal Envy, and Immortal Love is coming!), and several stand-alone romance novels.

When she’s not writing, she’s spending time with her own alpha male character in their north Georgia mountain home. She is also an avid reader of romance novels, a master at procrastination, a chocolate sommelier, a twister of words, and speaks fluent sarcasm. An avid animal lover, A.D. Justice has two horses, two cats, and one very spoiled dog.

While the primary focus of her books have been romantic suspense, she has plans to expand into different sub-genres of romance. Stay tuned to read what she has in store for you!


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The Guardian: Daryl by Lisa B. Kamps

The Guardian: Daryl by Lisa B. Kamps releases on March 27th!
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The men never back down to danger, but always fall hard for love in the Cover Six Security series by USA Today Bestselling Author Lisa B. Kamps.

Daryl “Zeus” Anderson walks the edge of danger. Strong. Dependable. Always in control–except for that one night in a tropical paradise that still haunts him. When an old friend calls in a favor, Daryl answers the call, never expecting to come face-to-face with the woman who damn near shattered his restraint–and his heart.

Kelsey Davis has been running for the last five years: for her safety, for her sanity, for more than just her life. The dangerous game she’s been thrust into is nearing an end and she’s forced to turn to the man her father swears will guard her with his life–the same man she’s already run away from once.

The clock is ticking and Kelsey needs to decide if she can trust her new guardian with more than her heart. Because in this game, there’s more at stake than love–and making the wrong decision could cost much more than just their lives.


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Review Master of Sin (Gods of Vegas, Book 1), by Sienna Snow

Persephone “Penny” Sapphire Kipos is a young woman with secrets. She is an executive at the family business Kipos International, but she is also a woman who runs her own business as well, but not too many people know she is the person behind the popular whiskey of PSK Distilleries. While she wants to keep Kipos International going, it is not her passion. She is a resourceful woman who is stronger than she lets on, and only a small handful of people know that she is attracted to a man that she grew up with but has been forbidden to associate with, Hagen Lykaios.

Hagan Lykaios is a dark man who has a past but is a powerful business man. He is obsessed with Sapphire, his name for her. He has been for years, but he feels that he is not good enough for her and that he should stay away from her, but he can’t. Hagan wants Sapphire and he wants to corrupt her, little does he know that she is not as innocent as he thinks she is. She is innocent in some ways, but her secrets show that she is more than a beautiful business woman. She is also very smart and resourceful.


I loved this story. It has a wonderful group of characters and the heroine is a sexy, smart, beautiful, rich woman who knows how to take care of herself, and hates to have someone take care of her. She also has a hard time giving that job to anyone other than her group of women that she travels with. Hagan is a sexy, alpha who believes that he is better off alone, but he learns that once he has had Penny he can’t let her go. The chemistry between these two is off the charts hot and so sexy.

I give this story a 5-star review and recommend it to readers who like to read about sexy business women who know how to make a man kneel at their feet and be their everything. I look forward to more about the Lykaios brothers and Penny’s brother Adrian. I have a feeling these men are going to fall hard, just like Hagan did.