Review: Kill or Be Killed by Bry Ann @AuthorBryAnn



Another awesome book by Bry Ann! This story is so dark, but so well written.

Tobias has such a dark past and has no family but Anatoli. Anatoli saved Tobias when he was a teenager and has been with him ever since. They work together and are as close as brothers, they’re both assassins. Albeit, they aren’t what you would normally think of when you think of assassins, at least Anatoli isn’t, he has a conscience. Tobias feels the need for closure on his past and he needs to find a way to get to the men who destroyed him as a child. He’s bored with the way things currently are in his life and is looking for something to occupy his mind. His past made him a man who needs pain and chaos in his life to keep him sane.

Scarlett, a young woman who was orphaned at the age of 17. Her whole family is taken away from her during her Senior year of high school. This one incident changed her, and she now lives her life on her own terms. She’s had a rough few years since her family died and she is all alone. She lives life on the edge and is unapologetic about how she lives her life. She needs the edge to feel like she’s alive. The only person who seems to care about her is the bar tender at the local bar she hangs out at. He’s like a surrogate big brother who watches out for when he can.

Tobias’ need for closure and vengeance will put Scarlett in danger. He’ll find the heart that he thinks he doesn’t have, and his life will change a lot after he meets Scarlett. Her life will change as well, but they both have to learn to trust and care before they can find their HEA.

I loved Tobias and Scarlett’s story. I was so angry at Tobias for most of this book though and wanted to punch him in the face. The characters in this book are characters from Bry Ann’s Saving Her Series.

I loved the way that Scarlett and Tobias fight the attraction they have for each other so hard, but they don’t have a chance. They are both damaged and both have their demons and nightmares, but together they can find some peace.

I love the first paragraph of the Epilogue, “I don’t think our story ends in a happily ever after. I wouldn’t call this that. Our starts were way too fucked up to ever end up happy. Life’s a ruthless game”. I love so much of the epilogue because it really shows who Scarlett is. She knows that life isn’t perfect and that even though she has found someone to share her life with she won’t be healed, but she will be cared for and fulfilled by that one person who gets her.

I give this story a 5-star review and am so looking forward to Anatoli’s story. Please hurry with this one, I absolutely love Anatoli and cannot wait to read his story. I highly recommend this story to any reader who likes dark, depraved stories with just a touch of sweet to make you fall in love with the Hero and a sassy heroine who knows who she is and doesn’t apologize for her actions.


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