ARC Review: THE HARDEST ROUTE by A.S. Teague @jennw23

THR - AN (1)

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 4 out of 5

Griffin Rockwell is in the prime of his life and living the highlife. He has just been drafted into the NFL and will be playing wide receiver for the Chicago Bears. He and his four college friends, Aiden, Quinn, Shane and Trav, decide that they need to celebrate their NFL drafts in Las Vegas.

Brooke Spires is a woman who has a career and a PhD. She’s smart, focused and lives her life working. Her best friend convinces her to go to Vegas for a few days to let off some steam and let her hair down. Mel, Brooke’s best friend is a spur of the moment kind of girl and can convince Brooke to do things that she knows she shouldn’t do. They gamble and go to clubs and let their hair down. The night before they are supposed to head back home to Atlanta, they meet some really hot guys.

A story of a one-night stand in Vegas that lasts more than one night. Brooke leaves Griff’s hotel room the next morning thinking that her one-night stand was wonderful, but she isn’t expecting to ever see Griff again. Little does she know that her life will change in so many ways in the next few years, let alone months.

I really liked this book and I love Mel. She is the type of girl that lives life to the fullest and enjoys it. Brooke is a safe kind of girl but is easily convinced by Mel to enjoy life. Griffin and Brooke’s story is a story of friendship and a partnership, until Griff realizes that Brooke is the woman he wants in his life. This story is touching, heartbreaking, and sweet. I was laughing at Mel and Brooke’s antics and conversations as well as Griff and his buddies. They were funny and yet they were always there to back each other up. A true example of family by choice in both groups, and then becoming one in the end.

I give this story a 4-star review and really hope that there will be more to come about the others, Mel, Aiden, Quinn, Trav and Shane. This was my first read of A. S. Teague, but I look forward to more. I am huge football fan, and while none of these guys played for my team, San Francisco 49ers, I still liked the book and the teams they played for 😊. I had to laugh at the name that Allie and Griff have for Aiden’s team because that’s what we say in our house too.

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