Violent Delights Teaser 1

Two brothers, Cristiano de la Rosa and Diego de la Rosa, who are taken in by the Cruz Cartel after Costa Cruz killed their parents for going against a longstanding agreement, have different loyalties and they will be tested and discovered in Violent Delights.

Cristiano de la Rosa will have to rediscover his life after being betrayed and a bounty being put on his head. He’s not who everyone thinks he is, but he will have to prove himself to everyone.

Diego de la Rosa the youngest of the de la Rosa brothers is the quiet one and the one who will create more danger for the Cruz family with a deal he’s made. He has the trust of Natalia Cruz as well as her adoration. However, he can’t gain the full trust of her father Costa Cruz, the Don of the Cruz Cartel.

Natalia Cruz is the Cruz Cartel Princess. She doesn’t want to live the life of the Cartel any longer and tries to convince her father that letting Diego move to California with her and live their lives peacefully is the best idea.

I really liked the twists in this book and found the story to be very well written. I love the characters, and it sucked me right in from the very beginning of the story until the very end. The surprises in the story and the twists were well done. I wanted to shake Natalia and tell her to wake up and stop being a spoiled princess. This story shows that you can’t always trust those in your close circle. Loyalty can be switched in an instant, but it can also be tricked.

I give this story a 4-star review and recommend it to any reader that enjoys reading Organized Crime, suspense, and stories of young love. The characters in this story were strong and powerful. I look forward to more in the series. This was my first read of Jessica Hawkins’ books, but it won’t be my last.

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