REVIEW: No Place Like Home, by Maxine Morrey @rararesources

Eleanor Laing finds herself in a situation where she needs to find a place to stay. She needs to leave her live in boyfriend or she will not be around any longer to be able to live a happy healthy life. Her best friend and boss, Zak has suggested that she go to stay with her best friend in the United States for a while to recover and get back on her feet. Eleanor’s family lived in the Kansas for a few years where she met Sandy and her family. They became best friends and still keep in touch regularly. Eleanor’s family moved back to England when she was a teen, but the connection between Eleanor and Sandy was too strong to end. Eleanor always looked at Sandy’s family as her second family and felt that she would be able to heal being surrounded by them. Not only does tragedy strike Eleanor at home, but her best friend Sandy goes through a tragic time as well, and Eleanor goes back to Kansas to be there for Sandy.

Ben, Sandy’s older brother was always around when the girls were younger and they both always looked up to him. He is a kindhearted man who even now that he is in a famous country band, is still kind and down to earth. Eleanor and Ben will put in a situation where their friendship starts to change. Ben has his own relationship issues, and is not in the market for a new relationship.

This was a story of two people who have to overcome issues to find their true future and happily ever after. Their paths will cross multiple times before they figure out that they are meant to be. Even with the rough parts of relationships that they encounter, this is a sweet story of two people who move from friendship to love.

I liked the book. This was my first book by Maxine Morrey. I found the story to be a wordy and hard to keep interested at times. It seemed to have a long stretch of time before the couple found themselves together. They spent years away from each other but there didn’t seem to be much about what they were doing during that time. I give the book a 3.5-star review and would recommend it to readers who enjoy sweet contemporary romance, although there is a little darkness in the beginning.

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