Kelly Roth, a profiler for the FBI Behavioral Science Unit. She is called in on a case in her home state of NY in the same area she grew up. She left NY after she was attacked just before going to college. She lives a solitaire life in Virginia working for the FBI. She likes her life where she keeps to herself and does her job. She hasn’t been in the field much and this case will give her that experience as well as bring her back home.  Kelly meets up with the area police that are working the cases in the three different counties where women were murdered and left to be found by whomever might stumble upon them in local parks near their homes.

As Kelly begins to create her profile and meet with the investigators on the cases, she has to prove her theories to the investigators. She is the only FBI agent on the case after three deaths and the media tagging the murders as the Park Killer victims. When a fourth victim is found still breathing, Kelly calls her boss and asks for help and a larger team to find the killer.

The only way these cases seem to be connected are due to the way the victims have been killed, the victims are women and one child. One of the women is pregnant, but the women or families are not known to each other. Kelly has to figure out how the victims are selected.

The was the first book I’ve read by T. J. Brearton. It was full of suspense and a twist at the end. I really liked it and was surprised at who the killer was and how he acted. I give this story a 4.5-star review and recommend it to any reader who likes police procedural, suspense, crime, or detective stories, and stories with a twist at the end. It was a great story and sucked me in from the first page and wouldn’t let go until I finished the final chapter. I love a story that will pull in so quickly and keep me there.

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