Review: Gone Missing by Jami Davenport @jamidavenport

Bronson Warner is a PI who works mostly on cases pro-bono. A retired special forces guy, his goal in life now is to serve and protect those who can protect themselves or who need that person who can give them the support they need. He is over encumbered with cases, but he hates to refuse anyone who comes to him looking for his help. He has a small circle of friends and a twin brother that are his family, but he doesn’t let people in easily. A result of his father’s serial marriages and lack of care for the kids he fathered with each wife. His latest case could be the case that changes his life and brings chaos to his life.

Becca Galbraith is a young woman who has skated through life without a care in the world. She was born rich and has never had to work for anything in her life. She was always daddy’s little girl and knew that anything she wanted she could have. She is spoiled and entitled, but the disappearance of her father and a death in his inner circle causes her to question her entire life and family. She needs answers and will go as far as she can to find them. She hires Bronson and they concoct a scheme to get answers, but their scheme could back fire on them.

I liked this book. It was suspenseful and a great story of two people who will go to the ends of the earth to protect the ones they love and to find out the truth of what is going on. Bronson and Becca bring out the best parts of each other and they’re a great team.

This was a new writing trope for Jami Davenport, as most of her stories are sports romance, sexy contemporary, or new adult. Gone Missing is her new series and her foray into Romantic Suspense. She has done a great job with it. The pages turned easily and quickly in this story and kept my interest all the way through. I give Gone Missing a 4-star review and highly recommend it to readers who enjoy Romantic Suspense, alpha males who will do anything to protect the ones he loves, and women who are sassy, classy and strong.

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