Review: All We Were: The Ex-Factor Duet – Book 1, By Elisabeth Grace & Michelle Lynn @InkSlingerPR

A tragic love story of two people who have been in each other’s lives forever, but they can’t seem to find a way to keep the love that they both feel for each other.

Jimmy “James” Crawford grew up on a mountain side in Virginia and had to fight for everything he had. A rough childhood for him and his best friend creates a strong bond, but the struggles of childhood for his best friend, Lilah, are too much for her to bear. Jimmy did what he could to help Lilah when they were children, and he continues to take care of her now that they are adults, but her destructive behavior can ruin them. Jimmy has the chance to make his life better. His life has taken a path of fame now that he is an actor and has just been signed on as the lead for a big movie. He is now headed on the A-List of actors, but Lilah’s destructive behavior and her troubles could ruin it all for him.

Lilah is a model now, but she is spinning out of control and her future as a model does not look for her. She needs to numb herself daily to keep the demons of her childhood suppressed. She’ll have to hit bottom before she can find herself and begin to come out of the dust and have a good life. She keeps hurting Jimmy, but she hates to let him go because he’s all she has left in her life that is good. She wants to be her best and she finally realizes her love for Jimmy, but the world that they live in can be destructive and cruel.

I was crushed by this story. The love of Jimmy and Lilah is strong, but their troubled childhood and the world of Hollywood glam is working against them and destroying their lives further. I wanted to crawl into the book and kick butt at the end. I am ready for the next book to find out how their lives will turn out and hope that Jimmy will give Lilah a chance to explain. I also hope that Lilah doesn’t go back to old ways because she is crushed again. I give this story a 4-star review and look forward to more of Jimmy and Lilah’s story. If you like a tragic love story this is a story for you to read, just have tissues nearby.

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